Message from Archangel Michael and Jeshua: October 12, 2011
Channeler:  Fran Zepeda


We are all gathered on the other side eagerly awaiting with anticipation while the dreams of all of you are unfolding in your world. Love has reached a pinnacle. A yearning for the truth and justice has reached an all time high, dear ones and we congratulate you. Nowhere on Heaven and Earth has there been a greater yearning for justice and equality, compassion and love. We commend you all for your steadfastness and courage in these times of change. We stand alongside you, dear ones, as you embark on an unprecedented journey which is neither anticipated nor impossible to be fulfilled.

Look to your dreams. Are they what you want to come true in this world in the coming days? Are they filled with passion and love and  acceptance of each other? Look in your hearts. Are they loving and tolerant of differences? Love has a way of neutralizing the effects of harsh circumstances in any situation. You all know this. We are here to remind you that now is the time to really look inside your hearts and find any harsh thoughts or memories and to love them away, to hold them in your arms and soothe them away like you would an infant. 

Many of you are preparing for many things to change in your lives. Love is the biggest thing that will change, is changing, dear ones.  You are learning to feel it and spread it like you have never done before. It will become a way of life for you. It will be the central factor in your lives. It will take over everything, and you know the world will be the better for it. The world is waiting for it. So love with abandon - every cell in your body and everyone in your path.

Love will transform everything. Your friends in spiritual places, or in high places, as the saying goes, will be alongside you, magnifying it until you won’t be able to tell where it is coming from. It will be one large mass of bubbling energy where all will swim like fish in the sea. Many will be wondering what the magnitude will be. That is for you to determine. So dream big. Feel love deeply, every second of the day. Fill up your lungs with it and breathe it out. Fill up your heart with it and expand your heart until you don’t know where yours ends and others' begin. Feel the excitement, dear ones. We are certainly feeling it. We applaud you, for only you could have created all this. You were chosen, and you chose to take on this enormous task and you are succeeding beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

Be careful of complacency, for there is still much more work to be done, but you do have it well in hand. Keep pushing beyond your limits, beloveds, and you will surprise and delight yourselves at what you will accomplish. Lately there has been a lot of rumbling on a lot of fronts both physically on this earth and in the minds of many. This is to be expected and even encouraged, for without movement there cannot be progress. Keep envisioning the life and the world you want to see. Many will follow in your footsteps and will soon be walking alongside you, lighting up all the universes with the most spectacular display of Love Fireworks - of Sparklers igniting your senses to new levels of awareness. 

Mark our words, the fun is just beginning, dear friends. Be prepared for a wild carnival ride. Your seatbelts will be on if you keep yourselves grounded and centered in your daily life by focusing wholeheartedly on the moment and by looking to your hearts for your answers. Make no mistake; we are behind you and beside you one hundred percent, dear ones. Keep peace in your hearts and love all around you in these amazing and miraculous times. We remain your loving partners and protectors. Peace be with you forever and always, dear friends.

Your loving comrades in peace and love, Archangel Michael and Jeshua

Thank you, Archangel Michael and Jeshua
Fran Zepeda

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