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"I have been to other energy healers and Fran is in a league of her own. Fran helps me to identify where I need to heal and she does the healing! You don't have to grasp the concept of energy healing before you have a session with her. If you are stressed, drained or anxious, Fran can help you relax and feel more balanced. If you are in a good state of mind, Fran can help you feel even better! Energy healing is powerful and Fran is an amazing, compassionate, skilled healer. ~ Ronnie Joy Krasner, CSC
September 2, 2019

"I started working with Fran when my outwardly successful life stopped working for me. Before that point, I was able to get through everything, with faith and hard work, both personally and in my corporate career. At some point, my coping mechanisms failed me. All of them. Seemingly at once. I was referred to Fran and she started with meditation and ThetaHealing. Over time, we went further and she used other intuitive and spiritual techniques.  
  Fran is a trusted loving force in my life. I refer to her as my "spiritual coach". There's that path I know I'm meant to travel, yet I'm not sure without her doing what she does, that I would have continued. Fran has a way of reinforcing my courage and faith. She's helped me find calm in the noise of everyday life. My own intuition opened up in amazing ways. She's helped me turn away from people and situations that no longer serve a purpose in my life and to cherish those who do. Amazing trust in someone who I've never met face to face, isn't it?
  Fran will let you guide how little or how far down the path you are willing to go. Talk with her with an open mind and you'll see her gifts. Spend more time with her, and you'll see your own gifts. Take the leap. You won't be sorry." ~ A.M.,Denver, Colorado

"My first experience with healing and massage was with Fran Zepeda some eighteen years ago. Fran has an ephemeral, spiritual quality that, try as I might, I have never been able to find in anyone else! Her expertise and on-going education over the years has deepened beyond the typical healer as well. Anyone who begins treatment with Fran is drawn to her work for life.
     I have been amazed at the evolution of her work and her intuition throughout the course of her career. Just when I think she must have learned it all - she comes up with something new. The experience is one of continual awakening and deeper healing each session I have with her. Since we live at a distance from one another there have been times when I have accessed a more local healer. Each time I am left with the longing that it wasn't Fran. There is always something missing and I have given up trying to find anyone else to work on/with me!
     You will experience a deep and loving soul as you are healed with Fran's help and guidance. If it is merely massage you feel you need, her techniques are unparalleled - and though you may not know it, you will also receive a healing each time. Fran can't help but heal. What a gift we have in her work. How lucky we are to be in this time and place to be nurtured by this amazing woman!" - Mimi Whittaker, Sebastopol, California

" Fran brings mediumship to a whole new level...Not only does she channel in a clear, explicit, beautiful way, she also HEALS. Fran is an amazing healer. Who could ask for a better combination of talent?  I have been transformed in a profound way. My vibration is lighter and I am growing closer to my true, authentic self." - Ronnie Joy Krasner, Steller Life Coach, Oakland, California.

    "Fran was referred to me when I had a bad arthritis flare-up in my back. I have always preferred deep massage, just short of Rolfing. But Fran works differently. Within 5 minutes, I thought, 'this woman works directly from the soul!'  Without the physical effort of deep massage, she achieves great results, faster.
     In my experience, her work is about easing the body out of pain when that is what is needed, and shifing/clearing worn-out thoughts, beliefs, and feelings when that is what is needed. She facilitates deeper clearings and healings if you are ready.
    There are many talented healers in the Bay Area that I think highly of. But to work with Fran is to walk on sacred ground.
     I have looked my whole life for her work, and am deeply grateful I have found her."  Coleen Cole Morrison www.palmpriestess.net

    "Simply put, Fran is remarkable. On my first visit, in a treatment that was unlike any I had ever experienced, there was such a transformation within that I couldn't even describe it to my friends. I (rather inanely) kept repeating, 'Oh my gosh...you have to see Fran. You won't believe how you feel. You have to see Fran.'
Since that first visit, I've realized that the results are cumulative, each experience more powerful than the one before. I walked into A Healing Place feeling quite lost. Not any more...the clarity (and power) Fran has unearthed with her therapies is astounding." Paula Wells, Oakland, California

"I contacted Fran for a remote healing session on my 18 month old son, who was suffering from a bad cold and cough. She quickly contacted me back and we set up a remote healing session for the following day.
  The only request that Fran made of me was that my son be asleep during the healing session. I let her know when my son went down for his nap and after the session, she told me how it went and what she had learned. The insights gleaned from her healing session were life altering for us and my son. She told us that our son had a milk allergy and other food allergies, and that because of these allergies, whenever he gets a cold, it goes into his lungs. Fran made me promise to contact her if I thought he needed more healing. I saw improvements later that day, as his cough started to loosen up and he was even laughing and playing with his toys. I immediately began to follow the suggested treatment and dietary recommendations. 
  The following day, Fran emailed me her transcribed notes from the remote healing session. I really appreciated that because I was unable to write down everything she told me about the session and have referred back to those notes several times. Fran is the perfect combination of professionalism and caring, and I highly recommend her for a successful remote healing experience." ~ Shelley W., San Jose, CA

Fran Zepeda is the very best massage therapist that I have ever experienced. Over the years, I have tried others and have never had the same results as with Fran. She is extremely intuitive and always finds where the problems are. Her use of ThetaHealing Therapy has helped me unlock several negative core beliefs that I have had for lifetimes and have now been able to change those aspects that have been holding me back from real recovery. I cannot thank her enough for all that she has helped me overcome." - K. La Voie, Vallejo, California

  "Fran is an amazing healer who has helped me tremendously over the past four years! She combines a unique blend of unconditional acceptance, exceptional skill, and spiritual wisdom that provides a deep healing process on many levels. While working on the physical plane through massage, Fran invites the emotional aspects that are stored in the body to come forth. Through exploration, psychic assistance, energy work, and a strong spiritual perspective, she helps work through these emotions and release what is no longer necessary. It is a soothing, freeing experience, the effects of which continue to have a powerful impact on my life. I have recommended Fran to many friends and family and would recommend her work to everyone!" - RM, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

 "Fran has helped me in so many ways but mainly to help me become myself. On my first visit, she said she had been described as a 'Spiritual Midwife" and from my experience,that is an apt description. In a kind and caring manner she has helped me to confront the fears and traumas that I have held on to through many lifetimes and by so doing, has helped me to let go of things that were holding me back from the person I truly am;  she has helped me to bring through and integrate my spirit with my emotional, physical and mental self. I am sure that if not for her help, I would have continued to have physical problems and surgeries; even my allergies have been helped. Fran has helped me to change my life and probably saved it, too." -Mary C, Folsom, California

  "Massage Miracle Worker - My treatments for upper right quadrant pain, including trauma from a separated shoulder were extreme. I could feel the pain being removed from my body in patterned waves out from my back and shoulder and moved out of my body through my fingers, propelled by Fran's magnetic touch. 
      My daughter Michele also had wonderful easement and regulation of muscle spasms and other irritations, including chronic lower back pain due to fibromyalgia, through Fran's body treatment sessions. We are both very grateful to her and I recommend her to anyone who has an acute or severely chronic body pain. She is great!" - Laura Dorais, Benicia, California

Fran is amazing! Every massage session is always filled with lots of love and healing. Not only does my body feel better, my heart always does too. She has an incredible ability to put one in touch with loved ones who have crossed over. "Talking" with my deceased partner has been more healing than any traditional therapy! Thank you, Fran! ~ A.V.,Benicia, CA April, 2013

        "I met Fran Zepeda when I was going through a tremendous amount of emotional upheaval in my life - divorce and child custody battle. Through her work, Fran helped me to understand why these things were happening and enabled me to cope with whatever landed in my lap. She has truly helped me to access my inner strength to finally become myself. Thank you, Fran" - Mary, Educator, Benicia, CA

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