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 Testimonials on Healings/Readings and Remote Healing/Reading Sessions

"...I have had two remote channelings from Fran, about twelve months apart and I really can't speak highly enough of her ability and perception as channeler. Both readings were expansive and extremely helpful to me, both accurate and enlightening, I recommend her to you, she is very good at this. Enjoy!" ~ Marcus Graham, New South Wales, Austrailia,December 5, 2016
  "I have had two channeled readings with Fran, both of which have lent me extraordinary insights around the nature of my higher self, undefined aspects of my oversoul, current energies for the path ahead, and even glimpses of the akashic records of my children. Fran has an extremely pure and direct connection to the energies of Spirit which she channels, and provides specifics about which Ascended Masters come through for you. Upon reading my first channeling, I immediately sensed not only the subtle yet profound messages coming through but also the underlying energetics and the high vibrations of the words that were conveyed. As such, I continue to revisit both readings knowing that each time I do, I open new pathways of knowledge on both conscious and unconscious levels. Fran's channeled readings are truly magical and life altering. I send her Gratitude and Love always." ~ Jennifer Heflin,December 16, 2015
 "I recently had both a healing session and reading with Fran. Fran was so accurate in her understanding of my issues and she even picked up that my lack of self love and acceptance was due to my childhood issues with my aunt. That is completely accurate. I felt so very loved and supported by the healing and actually slept well for the first time in ages!
    My reading with Fran addressed all of my questions with accuracy and the information that came through was very helpful. It also allowed me to look into the areas that I need to address within myself in order to move forward.
    Fran also brought through a message from my mum and dad who had passed over when I was a child, so that was very special to me and brought a tear to my eye.
    I feel that Fran has amazing empathy and understanding for what you are experiencing, and her beautiful supportive energy just comes through in abundance!
    I am truly grateful for her understanding, kindness and support. What a beautiful human angel! Thank you so much Fran!" ~ Many blessings, GW J Adelaide Austrailia.~ September 13, 2015
I am so thankful that my path led me to Fran. I am certain that if not for Fran, I would still be struggling with my body's physical and emotional discomforts. The beauty of her work is that she gets to the core reason that keeps a dysfunction in place. Her intuition guides her to the exact treatment that needs to occur for healing - whether it be on a spiritual, emotional or a physical plane. One of the more miraculous sessions I had with her addressed an underlying immense sadness for which I knew not what the cause. She was able to tune in and identify the memory that was the source of this. I was able to heal while she guided me through the release of the memory while holding her kind energetic presence. That sadness resolved after this and never returned. Through working with Fran, for the first time in decades, I am finally comfortable in my own body. I am grateful for Fran's healing abilities and her loving presence. There is no one like her." ~ Suzanne C. Walnut Creek, CA, January 5, 2015
"Fran is a very kind, sensitive, and truly gifted healer. Distant sessions with her have not only yielded immediate relief from my persistent symptoms, but she also provides me with Guidance from my personal Spirit Team, who directs me to tools for self-healing, as well. After trying many healing modalities and working with various energy practitioners over the past several years, with inconsistent results, I feel so blessed to have found Fran, an amazing healer! "K.L., Michigan December 18, 2015
"Fran is a compassionate and talented healer/channel. I worked with Fran recently in clearing up and letting go of old traumas and opening up to my true purpose and calling. Fran was able to channel Mother Mary for me and offer important and loving consultation. Along with her talents as a healer she offers continued support and encouragement throughout my journey. Hope to continue working with Fran as I grow in my path. I highly recommend working with Fran. It has been a great pleasure." ~ Yvette Lanausse, La Puente, CA, September 13, 2014
"Fran is a natural and gifted healer. She is very in tune with what is taking place during the healing and I just had so much fun reading the write-up after my session and I was also able to feel, sense and see these things as they occurred. Also, the channeling from AA Michael was so awesome and so right on.  Fran is just so in tune with the higher frequencies and vibrations in which she assists in facilitating.  I look forward to future sessions!" 
~ Valorie, Valley Center, CA October 17, 2012
"Fran is such a warm, kind person. During our phone session, I could feel strong love radiating from her that gave me a sense of peace and made me feel safe. Her gifts as a channel and  healer are wonderful. Before my session, I wrote down several questions. When Fran called me, she gave me a message that she had received for me before the call. The message answered each of my questions precisely. Fran's healing therapies that I experienced were gentle, yet powerful. I learned so much about myself and was literally set free. My heart is soaring now that the misery I was trapped beneath has been transformed into joyful hope!" ~ BK, Solvang, CA, October 12, 2012
  "Fran is a gifted, compassionate, heart-centered healer with an authentic  desire to help others. She is guided by a divine spiritual integrity that empowers and informs her healing process.
   Personally, Fran has helped me to open the door to a fantastic new aspect of myself that I was not aware of before. Her loving kindness and genuine caring immediately put me in a warm and comfortable place.  She allowed me to feel safe, enabling me to access a painful and difficult truth that I had carried in my heart for a very long time. During my healing, she was able to effortlessly focus in on my core issue and distill it down to a simple but powerful phrase. When she spoke the words to me I knew instantly, in the depths my heart, that this was true, and it triggered a cascade of emotional remembering and then release. 
   My “remote” healing with Fran was anything but remote. During our session I felt as though she was right beside me. She is highly empathetic and you notice that she exudes a loving presence that makes being with her a healing experience in itself.  The path of personal growth, of letting go of emotional traumas and memories, and of healing the energetic wounds of the past require trust.  Finding someone who can feel and understand who you are and what you’ve experienced is key to the healing process.  Fran is that person. She is a Blessing and I would encourage anyone with a desire to expand their hearts and know their true self to work with her. You will be very glad you did!!!"  ~ J. P., Martha’s Vineyard, MA, July 24, 2012
   "I contacted Fran for a remote healing session on my 18 month old son, who was suffering from a bad cold and cough. She quickly contacted me back and we set up a remote healing session for the following day.
   The only request that Fran made of me was that my son be asleep during the healing session. I let her know when my son went down for his nap and after the session, she told me how it went and what she had learned. The insights gleaned from her healing session were life altering for us and my son. She told us that our son had a milk allergy and other food allergies, and that because of these allergies, whenever he gets a cold, it goes into his lungs.  Fran made me promise to contact her if I thought he needed more healing. I saw improvements later that day, as his cough started to loosen up and he was even laughing and playing with his toys. I immediately began to follow the suggested treatment and dietary recommendations. 
   The following day, Fran emailed me her transcribed notes from the remote healing session.  I really appreciated that because I was unable to write down everything she told me about the session and have referred back to those notes several times. Fran is the perfect combination of professionalism and caring, and I highly recommend her for a successful remote healing experience."  ~ Shelley W., San Jose, CA
"I just recently came into contact with Fran. She is a deeply loving person with a strong and beautiful connection to the heavenly realms. She has been very helpful in assisting me with the questions and guidance I sought. Fran has a wonderful connection to the Divine, and the information she shared with me from her channeling was truly enlightening. I was impressed by the details she received while channeling. One of the many characteristics that makes Fran so helpful is that she is a very caring and loving person at her core, and this is of great value. This is the foundation for any true spiritual gift. She was gentle and patient with me, and I am deeply grateful for that. I would recommend her to anyone that wants a deeper insight into their life path, or in whatever area one may want an answer in. I look forward to working with her again in the future!"  ~ David L Schlabach,  Ohio
 "After working with Fran for a couple months I felt the chronic fatiigue I had been dealing with for five years start to improve.
    Being new to channeling and remote energy healing I did not know what to expect, I am very glad I did it.  Working with Fran was an immense pleasure and I felt that her advice and guidance was spot on.  During the session I felt a strong connection and energy moving thru me.  I would recomend for anyone working with Fran to follow her advice and do the things she suggests.     Although I know she was using energy to heal, I also knew that I had to participate and take steps in my life to heal myself it is not just a one way street.  Thank you Fran!!"  ~ Tony, San Diego, CA
   "I started working with Fran when my outwardly successful life stopped working for me.  Before that point, I was able to get through everything, with faith and hard work, both personally and in my corporate career.  At some point, my coping mechanisms failed me. All of them.  Seemingly at once.  I was referred to Fran and she started with meditation and ThetaHealing. Over time, we went further and she used other intuitive and spiritual techniques.  
    Fran is a trusted loving force in my life. I refer to her as my "spiritual coach". There's that path I know I'm meant to travel, yet I'm not sure without her doing what she does, that I would have continued. Fran has a way of reinforcing my courage and faith.  She's helped me find calm in the noise of everyday life. My own intuition opened up in amazing ways.  She's helped me turn away from people and situations that no longer serve a purpose in my life and to cherish those who do.  Amazing trust in someone who I've never met face to face, isn't it?
   Fran will let you guide how little or how far down the path you are willing to go.  Talk with her with an open mind and you'll see her gifts.  Spend more time with her, and you'll see your own gifts.  Take the leap.  You won't be sorry."  ~ A.M.,Denver, Colorado

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