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I have been providing alternative, holistic healing services to many satisfied clients for 30 years, with very successful results. I specialize in providing therapies for your Holistic Wellness, Transformation, and Empowerment, as an Energy and Spiritual Healer, Intuitive, Guide, Consultant, and Channel.

I am skilled, experienced, and proficient in many techniques of energy healing and intuitive work, and I work on a quantum, multidimensional level for your highest trajectory and highest good.

My journey doing spiritual, intuitive and energy healing, and intuitive guidance work, began with my own illnesses, traumas, and injuries. Desiring to help others with their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual blocks and issues led to the further development of my gifts for energy healing work as well as intuitive and spiritual healing, reading, and channeling, through education and experience. (Please see Disclaimer on Services Page)

Being a natural healer and intuitive, I have developed and fine-tuned my natural skills and abilities through many years of experience, and also have received formal training and my Energy Therapy Certification (CET) from HCH, an Institute for Psycho-Spiritual Trainings, and my Advance Vibrational Medicine Certification from The American Institute of Natural Healings. I am also a Reiki Master and have been Certified in Advanced ThetaHealing*.

I am dedicated to supporting others on their healing journey, and would be honored to help you transform and enlighten your life to become a healthier, happier, whole, and more authentic you, in your full true power and divinity.

My Healing to Wholeness Sessions, and Energy Healing Sessions are a unique, specialized blend of many different techniques and modalities, drawing from established disciplines, such as Soul Healing, Reiki, and much more, as well as techniques I have created, developed, and channeled, to give you a deep and lasting healing experience. No two sessions are alike and are completely individualized for you, each and every time you have a session. All sessions are completely confidential. Please see the Services page for more information.

Intuitive Readings and Channeling Services are also available on the Services Page.

An added feature to this site are free channelings from Ascended Masters and Archangels. You will find my currently channeled message by clicking here for Current Channeled Message. All other messages channeled by me, are available on my blog https://franheal.wordpress.com.  You may sign up to receive new messages as they come in, on the blog. Also on the blog are articles and poems written by me and more information on Ascension and Healing as well as a few selected channelings and articles by others. 

I have also started another blogsite called "Our Emerging Divinity, Awakening to the Divinity Within", featuring MasterQuotes and other offerings, such as Teachings, and 'Illlumination and Inspiration' Messages, on https://ouremergingdivinity.com as well as a new addition, Loving Thoughts there. You may sign up there also to receive new messages. You will also find the free Teachings and Illumination and Inspiration Messages and Loving Thoughts here on this website.

For more information about my channeling, please see my blog at www.franheal.wordpress.com/about

I look forward to hearing from you!

Fran Zepeda 

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