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   "I was fortunate to find Fran when I was at a crossroad in my life, as well as physically and mentally exhausted from a challenging job and family situation. Now several years later, it's difficult to express the gratitude I feel towards Fran's gifted healing abilities.
   Fran provides a unique blend of insight, intuitiveness and energy healing. The clarity that Fran has brought to the challenges I have faced is invigorating. I have walked away from several sessions feeling as though a burden was physically lifted from me, and equally as important I followed through with her insight with amazing results. I can't imagine where I would be today if I hadn't been guided to Fran's site. While life still has it's moments, I am much happier and more at peace because of Fran's gifts." ~ with much gratitude - MR, Benicia, September 2019
" Fran has changed my life. She is a gifted healer, teacher, counselor and intuitive guide. Fran has helped free me from pain and struggles that have been holding me back from living my best life. She has also taught me life long skills and coping strategies for calming my anxieties. Fran has been a gift and I can now live a life full of gratitude and grace." MJ, October 2019
" I have been seeing Fran for the past few months. I don't understand her process of tapping into a person's energy and removing blocks, and I can't articulate what happens during a session. I just know that the results have been miraculous for me. Fran was recommended by a friend, and I first came because I had long-standing family issues that kept me locked in a state of depression. Fran helped me understand the dynamics of what was going on and how each person has their own soul path, with lessons to be learned -- all the while she was clearing my energetic blocks. I no longer obsess over the situation because I realize I have no control over it. I don't like what goes on but I am at peace with it.
    I have always been a hypochondriac with a fear of death -- those thought patterns and fears were gone in a single session, which has been so freeing. I asked Fran how long it takes to change a lifetime of thinking and she said seconds.
    Fran has also helped me tap into my intuitive side. I now receive regular messages from my guides, something I never even imagined was possible.
    Fran is a gifted intuitive practitioner. She is kind, a good listener and able to focus on whatever issue I need to resolve. Each session with Fran is different, but always amazing. The only thing I have to do is to be open to what will happen!" ~ Kaye L. February 2015.
" Fran brings mediumship to a whole new level...Not only does she channel in a clear, explicit, beautiful way, she also HEALS. Fran is an amazing healer. Who could ask for a better combination of talent?  I have been transformed in a profound way. My vibration is lighter and I am growing closer to my true, authentic self." - Ronnie Joy Krasner, Steller Life Coach, Oakland, California.
"Fran is beyond amazing! I received more guidance as well as insight into my life on my first visit with Fran than I have from any counseling session. I felt as though the world was on my shoulders and after meeting with Fran, I felt like that weight was lifted. Being able to let go of all my burdens is a feeling that is indescribable..... Thank you so much Fran!" ~
Vanessa Belarde, Fairfield, California
 "Though I personally have never used Fran's services, her gifted insights and healings have been a blessing for my wife while she was going through a difficult time. It took us many years and a convoluted journey before finding Fran and even though she is over 2,000 miles away, she has consistently been able to provide a deeper understanding of this cycle along with profound healings that are nothing short of miraculous. We so appreciate the work you do!" ~ John December 2015
I have found Fran's services to be a wonderful asset to my own development and her genuine care for helping others heal and provide clear guidance to be of the highest value to me. I do not hesitate to recommend her to anyone as I believe that everyone would benefit from her services. In gratitude, Jason B

"Fran is an incredibly peaceful and insightful soul. I can't help bringing her name up to friends when I hear them speak of a desire for healing or spiritual growth. I'm a pretty talkative and passionate person, but I find myself quiet and still when working with Fran because her words are always confirmation of what my heart has not shared with my head yet, and I really want to evolve while I'm here on this planet." ~ Tina Marie Humphrey, October 25,2013  
"My session with Fran and Yeshua brought much needed insight to a difficult situation in my life and with it has assisted with its transformation. Thank you dearly Fran and Yeshua. AD" April 2013

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