Welcome!! I offer a variety of services to enhance your health and well-being, performed in a healing, loving, relaxing, calming and supportive manner and atmosphere, always completely confidential. Sessions are offered remotely by phone/zoom/skype/email/or Completely Distant, from Benicia, (East Bay) California, by appointment only. 

I offer Holistic Spiritual Healing Sessions, Energy Therapy Sessions,and Reading and Channeling Servicesas listed below. Please also see NEWLY Added SERVICES at the bottom: Readings/Channelings with Healing and Oracle Card Readings. (Sessions are individualized and can include aspects/modalities from other services/sessions as is important for your particular needs and issues). 

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Special Discount Packages are also available for each service, payable in advance, but offering a substantial savings on services (The bigger the package size and/or duration of session, the bigger the discount). Please contact me for discount package prices.

All Services below can also be purchased as Gift Certificates  And for every Gift Certificate you buy, you get $15 off your next Session! And the same with every referral you make that receives a session.

Please contact me using the contact button below to arrange a Session(s) or to  purchase a Gift Certificate(s), or to get more information. You may also call me at 707-749-1361. (I request prepayment to reserve your appointment, via paypal, credit card or check)  I look forward to working with you!

  "Fran is a compassionate and talented healer/channel..."

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**** HEALING TO WHOLENESS Session: (See Special Discounts HERE)
Spiritual/Intuitive/Energy Healing/Reading Session: by Phone,Zoom or Skype 

  "All are Whole to begin with, from the beginning of time. It is just from there an add-on of experiences ... and ultimate revealing and illumination process to bring forth the dormant and to transmute the illusion and parts that do not live fully in Love...in that there is a revealing process of that which is not Love, that which is not the True Divine You, that which is covering up the Full Illumination of You..."(Link to full teaching below here)

   In this session, we illuminate the parts within in need of healing towards greater Health, Wholeness, Authenticity and Well-Being, allowing you to emerge more fully into your True Divine Self...

...Releasing/healing/clearing/balancing/integrating physical, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual issues, pain, and blocks, as well as limiting beliefs, old patterns, trauma, inner-child issues, and past life and cell memory preventing you from living your life to the fullest, happiest and healthiest, facilitating and promoting wellness, wholeness, well-being, spiritual awakening, transformation and empowerment. 

These are individualized and focused Intuitive/Spiritual/Energy Healing/Reading sessions using my own unique energy healing therapies from my Higher Self and/or a blend of established modalities such as Reiki and Soul Healing, etc,, including channeled divine healing and guidance uniquely perfect for your growth and healing from my Higher Self, Source and Light Beings. May also include drawing and reading of Oracle Cards to enhance and support the session.

These Sessions are enhanced by Teachings and other channeled information that I have been receiving on Wholeness and Healing from my Higher Self and from the Ascended Masters, some of which are found here. 

"...The beauty of her work is that she gets to the core reason that keeps a dysfunction in place. Her intuition guides her to the exact treatment that needs to occur for healing - whether it be on a spiritual, emotional, or a physical plane..." ~ Suzanne C.~ more
"...I am always amazed on how she is able to capture the essence of a situation and share deep insights..." ~ Pat S ~  more
"...Fran is a gifted, intuitive practitioner. She is kind, a good listener and able to focus on whatever issue I need to resolve. Each session with Fran is different, but always amazing..."  ~ Kaye L.~ more
"...Fran is a gifted, compassionate, heart-centered healer with an authentic desire to help others. She is guided by a divine spiritual integrity that empowers and informs her healing process...During my healing, she was able to effortlessly focus in on my core issue and distill it down to a simple but powerful phrase. When she spoke the words to me I knew instantly, in the depths my heart, that this was true, and it triggered a cascade of emotional remembering and then release..."  ~J.P.~  more    
"...Her intuition is always spot on and her healings make you feel wonderful and take you to the next level..." ~ CG ~ more

60 Minutes:$125                      
90 Minutes:$175                                 
120 Minutes$220                

please contact me for discount package prices.

*Full Teaching on Wholeness can be found here

~~ENERGY HEALING SESSION:  Phone, Zoom, Skype or Distant Session

A specialized unique blend of energy therapy techniques to suit your individual needs, helping to: relieve stress and pain, clear energy blockages, and restore balance to physical, mental and emotional states, including chakra balancing etc, and promoting health and a sense of well-being. (Includes my own developed energy therapy techniques as well as established ones, ie.Reiki). Short Report sent by email if a Distant session. 

"... Fran can do amazing energy healing in person or over the phone. She has helped me with my painful spinal compression fractures and many other health issues...." ~ Taya Dunn ~ More
"...Being new to channeling and remote energy healing I did not know what to expect. I am very glad I did it....During the session I felt a strong connection and energy moving thru me..." ~ Tony ~ More
"...I have been to other energy healers and Fran is in a league of her own...Energy healing is powerful and Fran is an amazing, compassionate, skilled healer" ~ Ronnnie Joy Krasner ~  more  (as seen on Yelp Reviews)
"...Fran's healing therapies that I experienced were gentle, yet powerful..." BK ~ more
"...I feel that Fran has amazing empathy and understanding for what you are experiencing and her beautiful supportive energy just comes through in abundance!..." ~ GW J ~ more
60 minutes: $115.00           
90 Minutes: $160.00       

~~ ENHANCED ENERGY HEALING * Session: Phone, Zoom, Skype or Distant Session  (A Deeper Energy Healing Session)  See also Package Special!  Here  

This is a Deeper Energy Healing Session, including all in the above-described Energy Healing Session, plus including any or all of the following, in addition, as needed, to facilitate in your wellness, balance and embodiment into your true Divine Self:

Balancing, Clearing, Harmonizing, Integration, Alignment, Activation, Repair and Enhancement of your Energy System, Fields, Chakras, Aura, and Bodies; facilitating towards clearing and release of energetic, physical, mental and emotional body blockages, issues, and pain, enhancing energy flow,and promoting healing, (including removal of implants and soul retrieval, and focused healing on certain needed areas and issues,etc.); facilitating light infusion, activation and integration (including pineal gland); enhancing and raising vibration and frequency; with my own channeled, created, co-created, and specially designed energy healing therapies. Detailed Report sent by email if a Distant session, and includes Information and Guidance in connection with the Healing.

"...Fran is a truly gifted natural medium, healer and spiritual counselor...It was the most powerful healing/energy session I've ever done...I have never experienced anything like it!..."  ~ AnneMarie Martins ~ more
"...Fran is a natural and gifted healer. She is very in tune with what is taking place during the healing...and I was also able to feel, sense and see these things as they occurred...Fran is just so in tune with the higher frequencies in which she assists in facilitating..." ~ Valorie ~ more
"...Distant sessions with her have not only yielded immediate relief from my persistent symptoms, but she also provides me with Guidance from my personal Team who direct me to tools for self-healing as well..." ~K.L.~ More    
"...Fran was so accurate in her understanding of my issues...I felt so very loved and supported by the healing...What a beautiful human angel!..." ~GW J~ more 

60 Minutes: $125.00       
90 Minutes  $175.00                   
120 Minutes $220.00                         

~~ CHANNELING BY EMAIL**: See Package Special  Here

A Comprehensive and In-Depth Remote Channeled Message of Spiritual Guidance and Information from Higher Self and/or Guides/Team /Ascended Masters/ Archangels/ Angels/ Akashic Records/ Source/Creator in response to questions you have and/or any information, guidance, and/or healing that comes through, all for your highest good and spiritual growth and path, the transcript of which I send to you by email when done. May also include drawing and reading of Oracle Cards to enhance and support the session. (Please also see added Service at bottom of page for new option ~ A Separate *Oracle Card Reading  ~ $65) (and see also another New Service Added BELOW: READING/CHANNELING Combined with Energy Healing)

"..I have had two remote channelings from Fran....and I really can't speak highly enough of her ability and perception as channeler. Both readings were expansive and extremely helpful to me, both accurate and enlightening, I recommend her to you, she is very good at this..." ~Marcus Graham~ more
"...Fran has an extremely pure and direct connection to the energies of Spirit which she channels....Fran's channeled readings are truly magical and life altering..."  ~Jennifer Heflin~  more
"...Fran has a wonderful connection with the Divine, and the information she shared with me from her channeling was truly enlightening. I was impressed by the details she received while channeling..." ~ David L Schlabach~ more
"...My Reading with Fran addressed all of my questions with accuracy, and the information that came through was very helpful..." ~GW J~ more

60 Minutes: $125              
90 Minutes: $175       
120 Minutes:$220              

~ READING/Channeling*** - via Phone/Zoom/SkypeSee Package Special Here

Intuitive and Spiritual Information and Guidance, whatever comes through for your highest good, spiritual growth, and path and/or in response to your questions, including information/guidance/healing from Higher Self and/or Guides /Ascended Masters /Archangels /Angels/ Source/Creator,(may include messages from deceased loved ones) and may also include drawing and reading of Oracle Cards to enhance and support the session. (Please See also NEW SERVICE ADDED BELOW: Reading/Channeling combined with an Energy Healing!)

"...She (Fran) is tapped into some very powerful teachers, angels and guides on the other side. I have found her to be extremely accurate, tuned in and of the utmost integrity..." ~AnneMarie Martin~ more
"...Fran has an extremely pure and direct connection to the energies of Spirit which she channels..." ~Jennifer Heflin~ more
"...Fran is beyond amazing! I received more guidance as well as insight into my life in my first visit with Fran than I have from any counseling session..." ~Vanessa Belarde~ more
"...Fran brings mediumship to a whole new level...Not only does she channel in a clear, explicit, beautiful way, she also HEALS. Fran is an amazing healer..." ~Ronnie Joy Krasner~ more
60 Minutes: $125         
90 Minutes: $175          
120 Minutes:$220                  



This Session combines a Reading/Channeling*** described above (or Channeling by Email**) with an Enhanced Energy Healing* or a Healing to Wholeness Session**** (described above), or aspects/modalities of both to fit your individual needs and issues. This Session is designed for those wanting some guidance and information and/or have questions, but would also like some healing. 
(For more concentrated/dedicated Reading and Healing Sessions, it is recommended to do a Reading/Channeling*** or Channeling by Email** separate from and followed by an Enhanced Energy Healing* or Healing to Wholeness**** Session (described above).

90 Minutes  $175       
120 Minutes $220     


~ ORACLE CARD READING ~ Typed and sent by email ~ * New Service!

This is a shorter reading in response to 1 or 2 questions you may have, in addition to any other information or guidance that would serve you, all focusing on your highest good and spiritual path and growth, where I pull cards from one to three oracle card/tarot card decks that resonate with your energy and questions (the number of decks and cards will be as guided by your energy), reading the cards for you and providing spiritual and intuitive assistance, guidance, and information, enhanced with information and guidance from my/your Higher Self, and/or Guides, Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Source, etc, as time allows. The reading will be typed and sent to you by email. (35 minutes)  For phone, zoom or skype oracle card readings, please purchase Reading/Channelings*** above.

$65 ~  


All Contents Copyright © 2004-2022. Fran Zepeda and A Healing Place. All Rights Reserved" 

To Schedule Your Session  please contact me using the contact button below or you can call 707-749-1361.
I look forward to working with you!

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  Fran Zepeda
      Energy Healer 

Cancellation Policy: Please give at least 48 hours notice if you are unable to keep your appointment to avoid being charged in full for a missed session. Thank you!
Disclaimer: Fran is a Certified Energy Therapist and Spiritual Healer/Consultant and is not a licensed physician or psychologist. Her Unique and Enriching Sessions are alternative or complementary to healing arts services licensed by the state, and are not, nor are they required to be, licensed by the state, and are not meant to be a substitute for professional, medical or psychological care or treatment. They are also not intended for medical diagnosis, advisement, care, or treatment of illness, or prescription of medicine, or to replace your doctor or psychotherapist.
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Recordings of Certain Sessions are available upon request.
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