.Message from Archangel Michael and Jeshua - 10.4.11:
Channeled by: Fran Zepeda

Look To Your Hearts

A time of great awakening is now occurring.  More love than ever before is being extended to all mankind from all kingdoms and universes alike.  Love will be the kind of currency sought and used by all. Love, unconditional love, will be the deciding factor in all exchanges far and wide, beloveds. Look to your hearts for the inspiration that you will need in the coming days, dear ones. You now have all you need to transform yourselves and the world. We are waiting for you to realize this. 

You are the sparks of light sent to this earth to transform it, and that is what you are doing. Lately there have been many breakthroughs that you may not be totally aware of consciously yet, but please be assured that this is happening. Yes, dear ones, you are turning the tide and there is no turning back. The world is seeing a shift in consciousness long awaited for. The vibration of many has indeed lifted. You are beginning to get glimpses of the world you envisioned and even experienced many eons ago when you decided to begin this experiment of duality, yet all the while knowing that you would bring yourselves back to the everlasting oneness that you all desire.
You may not fully comprehend the enormity of the task at hand, but you have it well in hand. Love has been the key and so the world has opened to it. Do not be discouraged by all the naysayers, dear ones. Keep looking to your hearts and the lofty intentions you so dearly have encompassed. We can see the world lit up in ways it has never been before. Love in quantities never experienced before has saturated this earth and all the universes. There is no stopping it. You all feel it. You all revel in it. Let it encourage you to keep welling it up inside you and sending it out. We applaud you, dear ones. Let yourselves rejoice at the accomplishments you have already undergone. 

Take heart; be in your hearts deeper and deeper. Be in the Now more and more. Feel the energies being lifted,  and lifted, to heights not yet experienced on this earth, dear friends. Just take a moment to see how far you have come. You are the light bearers of the New Earth, the light bearers for all humanity. Do not forget it for a second. Keep looking to your hearts for the answers, for it is all there, dear ones. We remain your kind and loving examples for what you can accomplish from this moment on and forward.

Love yourselves deeply and completely, for you are the examples for all mankind, the impetus for change and the wherewithal to get it done. Feel the peace in your hearts. Let yourselves be vigilant and resilient, for you have all it takes to bring all humanity to the verge of great awareness and highest consciousness. Keep your hopes alive and never forget your great mission and vow for mankind to experience what you all know love can accomplish, peace and security for all.

Look for signs of great change, beloveds. Your compass will be your hearts and your desires for unstoppable and undeniable happiness, unshakeable optimisms and unalterable Truth. Go with peace in your hearts and complete assurance of your victory. You have our complete support and unwavering loyalty, dear friends and comrades of justice and peace. Farewell for now. We are so very proud of you.

We are your undying partners in this grand undertaking. You are not alone, beloveds. Love and light to you all.

Thank you, AA Michael and Jeshua,
Fran Zepeda

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