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Message from Archangel Michael  
As channeled through Fran Zepeda

Greetings, I AM Michael. I come before you today with great news. The light that has been penetrating your world has reached a level of saturation which up to this point in your lifetimes has been unequaled. Not for many eons have you experienced this amount of light. It has indeed been steadily lifting you up to new levels of consciousness in divine preparation for glorious ascension.

You are all feeling the energies in different ways, of course. You are all being expanded and challenged with dropping old patterns of living. Every minute now you are facing decisions of going on with what you are used to doing and feeling and saying, or carving a fresh new path and perspective. Because there is no precedent for much of what is entering into your consciousness now, it will feel strange indeed, and there will be moments where you will not be inclined to trust it. We ask you to trust and to go with it, and to open your mind to the newness. Your heart will tell you if it is true. 

Look upon everything in your path and focus now with light. Shine the light of truth on everything, dear friends. It will not hold up or be sustained if it does not match the light of truth that you hold in your hearts. Look at everything from this perspective from now on, we beseech you. Make it your vow to shine this newly acquired light upon everything you do or say or consider from this moment on, dear ones. Pay attention to any old beliefs or mind sets that are left over from days gone by. Look at everything from a fresh perspective.

This will be a challenge for some of you, as the comfort of old ways will be alluring you to hold tight to them. Let go, dear friends, and trust that you are being given the chance to lift up and enjoy concepts and ideas never before entertained in your conscious memories. However, as you continue to awaken from your sleep of eons, you will feel a vague familiarity to them, and if you grasp these new concepts and ideas, and embrace them, you will become more and more comfortable with them and begin to remember that they are a part of home to you.

So please be assured that you have reached another pinnacle of light and that you are just beginning to fathom the wonders and magic that are in store for you! We of the Company of Heaven remain your allies and protectors in this momentous journey to the higher dimensions.

I AM Michael, and I bid you farewell for now.

Thank you, Archangel Michael
Fran Zepeda

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