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Message from Yeshua and the Company of Heaven ~ 1.9.12
  ~ Look Within  ~
As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda

Now marks the time of great movement, unheralded yet in complete rhythm and portend, dear ones. Look to the stars; look to the promises made by you many eons ago when you initiated this long journey of duality and conflict only to come full circle to the potential which you are all tapping with increasing regularity. It may feel like you are disappearing at times. The success of the perpetual letting go of old patterns of late, the letting go of anger and fear, and the letting in of forgiveness and love has left many with the feeling of more space in their hearts.

This is all part of Ascension. The crystalline change in your bodies is taking hold and it is much like a new born baby or the chrysalis of a soon-to-be butterfly. It will take some care and patience on your parts, some constant nurturing and loving focus. Go inward, dear ones. Do not be distracted by your thoughts or others’ thoughts, for the time is upon you to be ever-vigilant and open to new concepts that are born of love and more love, beyond your limits and capacity of yesterday.

My dear friends, please take care to be on alert for any negative thoughts or seemingly contradictory concepts or actions, for things are not always what they seem. Be still and question your higher self first before taking action on any idea or concept. The time is nigh to be your own guide in many instances. Check it out against the truth you feel in your hearts. Raise your vibrations daily with meditation and walks in nature. When in doubt, sit with the idea a while. Be your own council, first and foremost, then confirm and validate if need be with your spiritual guides. You are learning to be your own spiritual guide and soon you will be walking alongside us once again.

We are forever your faithful companions in Love and Peace,
Yeshua and the Company of Heaven

Thank you, Yeshua and the Company of Heaven.
Fran Zepeda

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