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Message from Yeshua ~ 2-24-12 ~ Just BE! ~As Channeled through Fran Zepeda ~

Greetings, beloveds. I come before you today to bring you information on your Ascension. All over your world there is much shift. Many are feeling it as a kind of dropping in energy, but do not worry; this is normal. You are making way for your new upgrades and downloads to go online, so to speak. 

Gather yourself often into the Now. By this I mean take yourself into the Present by taking three deep breaths and feel everything with all your senses. Do this often in the day. Feel the love and joy well up in your hearts when you do this, dear ones, and just sit with it. Feel nothing being required of you but this in that moment.

Feel your Light expand out in a pulsing bubble all around you and out into your surrounding Aura and then imagine, if you will, everyone around you bathing in it, out ad infinitum. You may want to ground yourself while doing this and don’t forget to give Gaia a good dose while she supports you!

You are all progressing splendidly. All of the Company of Heaven and your Star sisters and brothers rejoice at your awakening, for “Soon” is Now. Hold on to your hats! The shift is happening, dear ones.

Remember your roots. Ask to be shown them.  Feel the connection with everyone around you and throughout your world and with all celestial and galactic beings, and with All That Is. The separation is diminishing and the time is Now to feel it.

Dear beloveds, you have come such a long way, and you are stepping into such a glorious era, unequalled ever. BE the Light, BE the Love, BE the Joy, Be the Oneness. Just BE in the Now. Be your Lighted Selves that have no separation from others ~ BE the Shift.

Absorb the Light of Oneness. Feel it expand your cells, your focus, and your sense of self. You may feel like you are floating at times. This is normal, as you adjust to the expansion into the 5th Dimension.

You may be noticing by now that your thoughts are being delivered with dispatch out into the Universe and then back to you in form. Care must be taken to constantly monitor these thoughts and to realize your powerful creation abilities. The world is your oyster. You create the pearl, and what a pearl it is becoming, an opalescent Pearl of Oneness, of All That Is, with so much promise!

 Please take many moments in the day to add your Light and Love to this Pearl of Oneness. Feel its magnificence as you all come together and expand into All That Is. What a sight it is to behold from our perspective! The joy you are creating is exhilarating. 

Please keep going. Please keep expanding. Please keep knowing how magnificent you all are. BE that knowing! You are all so precious and loved.  You are creating a Reality of Love and Light just by being that Love and Light. You have our undying support and gratitude.

Your loving brother, Yeshua

Thank you, Yeshua
Fran Zepeda

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