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.Message from Yeshua ~ 2.8.12 ~ Radiate Your Love~
As Channeled through Fran Zepeda

All beings, human or non-human, sentient or insentient are of the Light. That is their true essence. You all are experiencing, in your own respective ways, the lessons you require for growth, dear ones. You have created the experiences that you find yourselves in, in order to learn those lessons in the best way possible for each of you. Each set of experiences is the perfect recipe for your growth, and ultimately for your enlightenment. That enlightenment or Ascension will culminate in a return to Oneness.

Any disappointment, emotional upset, or disagreement amongst each other is actually a means or opportunity to open your hearts to more Light. The lesson in that is to see those disappointments, emotional upsets and disagreements as an avenue to Wholeness, to Oneness. All over the world many are expanding their hearts and letting in more Love and Light. The only thing that can counteract that expansion and return to Wholeness is fear and judgment. 

Now is the time to muster your courage and fight that tendency to fear and judge, which is of course a human tendency. However, it is also true that your true essence, that of Light and Love, can override those human tendencies. Your human experience and tendencies are just a means and opportunity for your Light Essence to grow and fortify. When you created your human experiences you knew that on a deeper level;  you knew that your Light, and the Light of others would overcome and transform your experiences into the material necessary for Wholeness and Oneness.

You all signed on to be here at this time to do just that, to absorb and to spread the Light and Love out in ever-increasing circles, to radiate it out to all beings and to Gaia, in preparation for her and your Ascension. Please have it in your hearts to focus on this. You will thus start experiencing new waves of Joy and Love. It will be contagious and also deepen the experience of Love as you know it right now. You are just beginning to see what that entails, what the degree of Love really can be, as a result of you all coming together, of merging your God-sparks to new levels of Consciousness. The proof is in the pudding, they say; what you put into your intentions is what you get back.

Dear Beloveds, you are getting closer and closer to this glorious Oneness. Many of you have a hard time believing that, when there is so much dissention. But you can turn it all around with the Light. Please do not lose hope. Once again, please spur on the momentum that you have so lovingly nurtured over the years. The world is but a wink of an eye away from Oneness when you think of the eons you have been working towards this.  You are all so loved and you are all so capable. Your powers are just beginning to awaken to the magnitude you are destined to achieve with each opening of your hearts to all the Light and Love they are so capable of holding.

Please Radiate that Love and Light out as it comes in to you, out to everyone and everything in your path, including Gaia and all celestial and galactic beings. You will marvel at the result, as that Love and Light blends with others’ to cause an Explosion of Light and Love of a magnitude never experienced in your lifetimes. We support you in the higher realms and love deeply each and every one of you. As you move forward and link arms with your fellow Lightworkers, know that you are assured of success, dear ones. We salute you for your courage and your loving hearts.

Your loving brother, Yeshua

Thank you, Yeshua,
Fran Zepeda

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