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Yeshua and the Company of Heaven ~ Be In Harmony With Each Other ~ As Channeled through Fran Zepeda ~ 4.23.12

From time beginning, there has been confusion. That is not necessarily a bad thing. It precedes change. And change brings upliftment and Light. It has always been that way and it is no different now, except that change is much more dramatic and the Light much brighter in these drastically changing times you find yourselves in now.

This was meant to be so and you have all been readied for this momentous time in ways you may not yet fully comprehend. From this may bring confusion, and a feeling of suspended moments of clarity, each quickly following on the heels of the other. But this is to be expected, as you make your way through the quagmire of change, dear ones.

We are here to tell you that the amount of change taking place just underneath and beyond your current state of consciousness is immense.  While you may not fully be able to quantify it, it is seeping into every bit of your being.

Dear friends, we prepare you now for the manifestation of that seemingly illusive change, a kind of change that by following a period of confusion explodes on the scene and nothing is ever the same afterwards. Be heartened by this now and leave no room for the fear or trepidation that sometimes accompanies great change.

You have been building up to this. This is your rightful gift, bestowed on all who have come to be in this glorious developing Golden Age. We of the Company of Heaven are here in full force and presence, to accompany you down the precipitous path of Ascension with Mother Earth.

We have not forgotten the enormous strides you have been making, and are making. We are also completely aware that you make these strides based on courageous faith, albeit with an inner knowing and guidance that has been with you always and is waking up more and more. 

We want you to know that you are making your way home with every step you take that carries with it Acceptance and Unconditional Love for your fellow human beings and your Galactic sisters and brothers. You are making your way Home towards the Light of Oneness. May you see and know that by converging with the hearts of all beings, you are treading the path back to Oneness with All That Is.

You have heard us say this before, but have you taken the moment to feel what it is to really converge with others’ hearts, to be One with each other’s heart energy? You do not need to worry that you are losing yourself. The drops of water in the ocean do not lose themselves. Each one is important and necessary in order to make up the huge body of water flowing in harmony with each drop of water that makes it what it is: a powerful force composed of many powerful forces, ebbing and flowing in balance and harmony with each other.

Surrender yourselves into this image and idea for a moment and you will begin to grasp the magnitude of the transformation taking place, from the reality of duality to the Reality of the 5th Dimension that you are beginning to get a glimpse of.

We are forever your comrades in Peace and Love, Yeshua and the Company of Heaven.


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