Message from Archangel Michael 9.19.2011
Channeled by: Fran Zepeda

Dear Lightworkers Everywhere:

 You are gathering from far and wide and making contact with your friends and family that you have known from your beginnings. Long ago you all made a vow to come back at this time. More and more of you are waking up and it is a beautiful and heartening thing to see. I commend all of you for stepping out of your comfort zone and helping others to do the same. Please keep up the wonderful work you are doing to open the hearts of many. Many of you are yearning for the Golden Age to appear. Well it is here, my friends, in all of your hearts.  You merely have to envision it each day. You are all the lights illuminating everyone’s path to a new world of opportunities to be loving and generous. Let your imaginations soar to places you have never been before. 

You have no idea how powerful your abilities to create are! You are beginning to fathom your link to all creation. Love yourselves all the time, even the darker parts. Love yourselves enough to be completely kind to yourselves in everything you do, regardless of the outcome, even though it may not exactly be how you imagined it. Many times the outcome will be even more of what the world is needing at the moment. Just keep those inspirations alive and coming, dear ones. You are making more of an impact than you know. Make sure you take time for play and rest, and for joyful endeavors. Love what you are doing each moment. Let yourselves learn while you make your way in life, but please do it with joy like a baby in its innocence and purity. You are all making wonderful and auspicious progress! Many blessings to you all!!

Thank you, Archangel Michael
Fran Zepeda

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