.Message from Archangel Michael &  Jeshua 9.30.11:
Channeled by: Fran Zepeda

Greetings beloveds, from both of us. You are making splendid progress in fighting your ego and being “in love” with yourself; we don’t refer here to the bad connotation that this has in the 3D world. You have expanded your energy considerably. You take part now in a massive awakening that will benefit all mankind.  Many of the truths that all adhered to are now being dismantled and dislodged for the benefit of the New Earth. Do not despair. All is well and as it should be. No one is left behind, just their negative and outmoded beliefs and judgments, dear ones.

We have been orchestrating a shift in the collective unconsciousness. One by one you have let yourselves see the true picture that you are one pulsing, loving mass of consciousness with no limitations or restrictions to how much love you can radiate from your very beings. The world is looking different, the veil is being lifted and the stage is set for loving exchanges that will delight and inspire you all. You are beginning to see that you are multidimensional beings with so much more to offer the world in this state. With each passing day in your world as you still see it, is an opening to true Realty. Many will soon be on the threshold to true Oneness. With this is imparted a wonderful synergy, a symphony, if you will, of many hearts beating as one, displaying such unprecedented acts and deeds of kindness in words, thought and essence of your true selves. 

Meet yourselves for the first time, beloved ones, for you are emerging as emissaries of peace and love. What a wonderful mission you have, and we are all deeply grateful for your presence and your efforts in this grand undertaking that you all chose to honor and partake in with your full hearts and loving wholeness, for you know there is no turning back. For you willingly forge ahead, each moment with a lighter, purer heart filled with courage. There is no stopping you and we lovingly lend you our complete support and assistance. Just call on us. May you all continue to navigate through this undertaking with the grace you have shown through many lifetimes and may you all continue to get glimpses of your wholeness and oneness. These are indeed exciting times designed by you all in your glorious state of Oneness many eons ago.   You knew you were up to the task when you decided to be here at this time. 

Take heart, dear ones, for you are loved and protected on this magnificent journey you have all embarked on. There is no precedent for this undertaking. That is why it is so important that you continually look to your hearts and core being for the truth. We are here to help you. Make certain that you always check in with your Higher Selves and listen intently to your hearts for they are the true navigators. You can count on your loving natures. Keep council with your loving hearts. Love every cell of your body and being and radiate it out. Make sure you ground yourselves daily and ask for protection and clearing daily. Let yourselves experience the joy that comes from being in complete harmony with each other, dear ones. Love yourselves fully and unconditionally and spread that unconditional love out to everyone in your path. Feel the exhilaration of being indiscriminate in your showering of love and acceptance. Love has no criteria or limits nor does it ever keep itself contained. Many and all are worthy of it. 

We are excited and pleased with your magnificent progress. Many spiritual beings are eagerly waiting the moment when contact will be effortless and universal, when hearts will be joined and expanded. There is a quickening, where the energy is building. Keep up the magnificent work you are all doing. We applaud you with grateful hearts. We remain your loving protectors and watch your progress with loving appreciation. Love and light to you all.

Thank you, AAMichael and Jeshua
Fran Zepeda

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