Message from Archangel Michael and Jeshua: October 23, 201
Channeler: Fran Zepeda


Greetings, beloveds, we are your loving ascended masters here to give you an update. We extend greetings to all lightworkers far and wide who are doing excellently with their evolution of spirit. For we know it has not been an easy task, indeed.

We want to talk to you today about love. You are feeling the difference now between the love you have been taught and the unconditional love that is inundating the earth and universes, and yes, your spirits and bodies. We don’t know of a braver, courageous group of souls that are inhabiting this earth right now. We are inspired by your lightness of spirit in spite of the heaviness that seems to enter your environment at times. You are sloughing off the heaviness of the third dimensional reality that you have called home for so long and although it feels like heaviness, it is actually the process of lifting it that you are feeling.

Go along with your daily activities, but feel the lightness that is starting to take over your minds and bodies and spirits. Dwell on it, dear friends, for that is the true Reality. There have been exceedingly lighter energies encompassing all of earth and entering into your light bodies. We are aware of the difficulties that some of you are having adjusting to it. Breathe in the light energy that is being offered to you. Make that a priority in your day.

Pay attention to the thoughts you are having as you are breathing in that energy. It is unconditional love that is being sent to you. Absorb it into your bodies and breathe it out to others. That will become your new priority. It will fill you with joy and peace. We don’t mean for you to neglect your other responsibilities. The joy you feel will make everything flow with a lightness that will make everything transform around you. Allow yourself to experience it, dear ones.

We offer you our support. Just call on us. Since you are integrating your spirit bodies with your physical ones, you will have more and more certainty of what is the Truth. You will feel it easily as you raise your vibration, breathing unconditional love in and out.

All over the world people are waking up. You can feel the hum of this change. Listen closely to what is being filtered into your consciousness. Yes, things CAN be easier. You don’t have to work so hard. You can spend more time just being in nature and experiencing the joy of being alive in this wonderful time we find ourselves in, dear ones.

Please consider yourselves a little more. Ask yourselves what will bring you the most joy? What will bring you the most peace? Let the ideas filter in and act on them. If all around the world, everyone does the same, think of the impact it will have! You are all so precious. Revel in the freedom that is starting to become more apparent to you. You do not have to choose dark thoughts of confusion and chaos. Consider that in front of you is a golden door. You just need to open it and trust and walk over the threshold. We are waiting for you.

Many of you are shaking off the chains of fear and loneliness that comes with the duality that no longer has such a strong grip on you. Consider for a moment the absence of fear and what it will do for your well being if you would just let it go. Release it out of your solar plexus and breathe in pure unconditional love that is just waiting to fill up your every cell.

We are always your loving comrades in peace and love. May peace and joy and love fill your very being and spill out to all those around you.

Thank you, Archangel Michael and Jeshua.
Fran Zepeda  

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