Message from Archangel Michael and Jeshua: 10.17.11
Channeler: Fran Zepeda


The world is waiting on baited breath for an announcement. Little do they know that it is seeping more and more into the consciousness of all. The achievements of all Lightworkers have made this possible. Do not be mistaken; there will still be an announcement, of Disclosure, but it will be coming on the wake of an already expanded consciousness that you all are making possible. Many are attending to their daily lives and wondering what this excitement (many times just underneath their awareness) really is. You are all making Disclosure possible by helping to open the hearts of many. Not an easy task, but one in which you are succeeding with the utmost of success, dear friends.

Many times you have wondered, is this all real? Well, it is Real, my dear ones. The only Reality there is. As the reality in which you all have been living starts to dismantle, you are seeing that more and more. You take heart in the fact that as this happens, you are inundated with such loving feelings inside you and coming from others; loving feelings that create a calm and a centeredness that you haven’t experienced quite like this before. There has been an influx of a great deal more light energy inundating the earth and at the same time you have all opened your hearts more and more to receive it. In the process, you have spread it to others, sometimes meeting resistance, and other times healing situations that have needed to be healed for a long, long time. 

This is just the beginning. More and more of that will be happening. It will just be a matter of time before changes will be seen by the masses beyond their wildest dreams. There will be no denying it then. There will be no turning back. There will be no mistaken perceptions of the Truth. Many of you have decided to make changes in your lives because the old ways do not make sense to you anymore. Have heart. You are making the right decisions, dear ones. Deciding to focus on heart-based actions can never be a mistake.

Look at your lives. Are they what you want them to be? Are you feeling joy in doing what you feel you need to do? Are you making decisions based on your heart, or an adherence to old ways that do not serve you anymore?  Are you treating others with the reverence you would expect back? Is it necessary to carry the resentments that you have harbored? They served you before because they seemingly kept you safe in a world where everyone was out for themselves. But that is changing, dear ones.

Others have the same need for love and acceptance as you do. They have dreams like you. There is room for everyone to have their dreams come true and still have the best outcome for all. There is no need for separateness anymore. All can have what they need and want. The energies support it.  The more your intentions are for the good and happiness of all, the more you will discover that all your dreams are possible and even necessary in order to set in motion the cascade of fortune that will be inundating everyone’s lives.

For now, keep to sending out love and light to all sectors of the planet, all dark areas that are in need of your light and love. You are doing wonderfully with that task, and we thank you for that. You make such a difference, more than you know. Remember to always pay attention to your bodies. Nurture them with care, and remember to pay attention to your hearts, your dreams and the Truth you find there, dear ones.  That is the only Truth you need to be really looking at. The Truth is what you have always known but sometimes buried. It is the Truth that we are all striving to realize again. This Truth is that we are all one glowing mass of consciousness that has no bounds to the love it can share.

We remain your comrades in peace and love and are always by your side in this great awakening for all mankind.

Thank you, Archangel Michael and Jeshua
Fran Zepeda

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