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Transcript – Fran Zepeda on The Light Agenda – Part 2/2
2012 July 22 Posted by Stephen Cook

Transcript – Fran Zepeda on The Light Agenda – Part 2/2
Here is Part 2 of my interview with Fran Zepeda, channeller of Archangel Michael and the Company of Heaven, Yeshua, Sananda, Mother Mary and Mira the Pleiadian on The Light Agenda on July 4. Thanks, as always, to Ellen for transcribing.
You can find Part 1 of this transcript, posted yesterday, here: http://the2012scenario.com/2012/07/transcript-fra…-agenda-part12/
You can listen to the full interview with Fran here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/inlight_radio/2012/07/04/the-light-agenda

Stephen Cook: Now, Fran, you have been married twice in your life, and both of those marriages had slightly traumatic, I suppose, end results for you.
Fran Zepeda: Um-hmm. Yes.
SC: In what ways?
FZ: Well, my first marriage was very emotionally abusive, like psychologically abusive. It was very similar to my mom. So, it’s almost like I decided to go through that, to work through that. And there was some physical abuse just like with her.
SC: So, this is the father of your two sons?
FZ: Yes.
SC: Yep? And then you remarried again?
FZ: About ten years later. This was in the early nineties. So, after the paralegal career.
SC: And that marriage? That was just as traumatic?
FZ: That was the one that was … after two years of being married he put me in the hospital with his abuse, like, physically he threw me across the room. 
SC: That’s horrendous.
FZ: Just something that I chose to go through, to grow.
SC: You also, though, had a terrible car accident. So, I’ll just get all these tumultuous things out of the way. When was — at what point in your life was that?
FZ: That was probably about a week after I married, I got married my second time. This was before … and I was still kind of getting over the illness. And just as I was getting over the chronic fatigue syndrome and we got married, then I was immediately in the auto accident.
SC: And then you were two years in therapy because of the injuries from the accident?
FZ: Right. For two years in physical therapy.
SC: And, look, that’s a lot to happen to one person in a lifetime — man, woman, ET, I suppose! Doesn’t matter where you’re from. But how have you managed to pick yourself up each time and move forward?
FZ: I feel like I just had … maybe it was good I had that high spirit that my mom didn’t like, because I just always picked myself up. I raised myself… I feel like I’ve had help from the very beginning, spiritually, and even from ETs. I just felt like I was guided along, and helped through it. And I — I was always protected. Even, you know, even when I had a home invasion or when I had a, like a — there was a fire that I almost died in. I was always protected. And there … I just chose to go through these to grow.
SC: So, you had a home invasion and your house almost burned down as well?
FZ: Yes.
SC: Oh, my gosh! [laugh]
FZ: Yes. [ ? ] But I — but it’s like I was — but looking back I was protected during each one of those things. It was like, it was like I decided in my contract before I came in that I would go through these things. And all it did was bring me more whole and bring more light in, each time I went through. I just kept going.
SC: All right. Well, let’s talk about those lifetimes. Let’s talk about the happier times. We’ll go back in time, because in the 1980s you set up a Buddhist healing practice and then you moved into massage. And at that time you found you were regularly being sent people who were actually quite sick and traumatized and seriously injured, and possibly a little bit like your life had been at that time.
FZ: Exactly.
SC: You then moved into Reiki soul therapy, you looked at cranio-sacral technique, and you even looked at Theta healing. But it was during those massage practice years that you actually realized you could channel and you started seeing things. So, tell me about that.
FZ: Well, there was one woman that came in that was very, very distraught. And I just remember her being on my table, and I just was trying to just help her. And all of a sudden there was this image of this woman in the room, and I could still see her face and what she was wearing and everything. And I asked this person on my table, “Does your mother look like so and so?” Because, like, she had told me that she was her mother. She says, “Yeah.” And then, so I relayed the message to …
SC: The patient. Yeah.
FZ: … the person, yeah. And she started to cry. And it started to heal — help her heal, like she needed to hear it, she needed to hear the message. And it was something like, you know, “I don’t blame you for so and so.” And she just … and that’s what happens a lot, is they come in to help someone get over something and work through something and forgive them for it and let them forgive themselves for it.
SC: And that’s something you do in your healing practice today, regularly?
FZ: Yeah, I do that. I help people with emotional clearing, with physical problems, with energetic clearing — you know, all sorts of things. And I channel … I’ve always channeled in techniques to help them, and channeled in messages to help them work through and become more of their authentic self, become who they really are.
SC: And do you … I’m just thinking now, I mean, do you think that you would have been able to give them this advice or to channel these messages and pick them up if you hadn’t been through what you’d been through? Do you ever think about that?
FZ: Yeah, I’ve thought about it a lot. In fact, it came … it was told to me by one spiritual being, I don’t remember who it was, that actually I was going through all of these things so that I could help them, so that I could help other people with it.
SC: Yeah, so …
FZ: There wasn’t one thing that people came in emotionally, physically or anything that I had never been … that I hadn’t been through.
SC: Ever? [laugh] Well, I know I’m laughing, but I mean, when you look back on your life at all the things that have happened …. Okay, your mother wasn’t particularly kind to you at times, your father wasn’t there, you then married a man who was abusive, then another man who was physically abusive; the car accident; the dyslexia — everything that’s happened. You’ve had to deal with an enormous amount of I suppose what other people would see as difficulty, pick yourself up. But in terms of being able to help other people, it allows you so many experiences to look back on.
FZ: Yes. Yes, it does. It gives me a frame of reference. They can tell that I’ve been through it. You know, you can tell somebody, “I know how you feel,” and they won’t get it, unless they — they can really get it energetically if you’ve really been through it. Especially if I can tell them things that I … that helped me as it came through.
And a lot of times channeled messages would come in and tell them what was going on, too. And explain it.
SC: So, even in those difficult moments, though, you always felt that, this is what I was meant to go through to get to where I’m going?
FZ: Yes.
SC: Always?
FZ: I always felt that way.
SC: And you never got down about it? You never thought, oh, my God, is there anything else that can come my way?
FZ: No. I was told one time by an astrologist that I was living three lifetimes in one so I could get …
SC: [laugh] The triple dose school!
FZ: Yeah! Just like, let’s get this done here. And even Archangel Michael said that I took on quite a bit. And that’s why they really worked with me a lot, to help clear me and prepare me, you know. It’s like they were helping me. A lot of times my messages, private messages, were just to help me through some of this stuff, to help clear some of the trauma that I’ve been through.
SC: But I think that’s remarkable, that now you’re actually helping other people do that.
Z: Yeah, it’s a wonderful feeling.
SC: But what about the responsibility that goes with that too?
FZ: Oh, it’s a huge responsibility. I have to really spend a lot of time in meditation and be centered and really connect, because I know that I’m making, you know, whatever I do with these people is going to affect them.
SC: And do you also then protect yourself, though? Because sometimes when you’re dealing with a lot of sick or traumatically injured people, you also have to cover yourself off, because otherwise you can take on some of that energy as well.
FZ: Oh, exactly. Yeah, I learned how to do that the hard way. That would make me sick a lot in my early years of working in healing. Yeah.
SC: Well, I was wondering that, when you talked about being sick a lot, whether you were literally being empathic and taking on other people’s problems.
FZ: Yes, I … yeah, I’m empathic. And I actually was to — been told by people I’m working on, “I feel like you took the pain away and took it into yourself.” Went, yeah, that’s what I did. So I learned how to not do that. I learned how to be more of a facilitator and an observer and help them from a compassionate place without being in their pain. And it would trigger a lot of issues for me to work on, so I’d have to work on them on my own.
SC: Well, I was going to say that, because sometimes someone might have come in with a story about their lives, and you may not have even thought about it in relationship to yours. But suddenly that brought up, you know, whether it’s a vasana, a clearing or whatever we want to call it, it would have brought that out. So, then you had to deal with that as well.
FZ: Yes, I did. Yeah.
SC: Oh, my gosh! [laugh] And you’re still so happy and smiling!
FZ: [laugh] Well, that moved me along really quickly, you know. It’s — it was a wonderful … I don’t know, it’s not a — it wasn’t a wonderful experience to go through it, but I’m seeing now that it was necessary for me to become whole.
SC: Now, earlier we talked about Mira, and you have had quite a number of ET experiences. So, let’s start at the beginning, the first one, and work our way through the others.
FZ: Okay.
SC: How old were you with those first ET experiences, and what were they about?
FZ: Well, the ones in my room I had throughout my childhood. But I think one that I remember really vividly was in the early nineties, when I was going through getting sick a lot, you know, as I was working with clients. And I had a lot of critical infections and different surgeries, and I had injuries. And so I had a lot of stuff to kind of work through.
So, I remember one night saying, “Okay, I need help here. I’ve got to feel better tomorrow. I have to work.” And I remember waking up with a start in the middle of the night, all of these beings are in the room, and I got really frightened, and they said, “It’s okay. Calm down. We’re here because you just — you asked us, you asked for us.” And so, I relaxed and they did healing, and the next day I felt a lot better. And that’s happened a few times.
SC: Because you also got drawn to Sedona, the famous city of the four vortexes and where everybody said the city of lights are. You got drawn there in the 1990s, and you had what you now believe is your first Pleiadian ET experience there.
FZ: Yes. But what’s interesting is that now Mira says that she was in that one in my bedroom that I just explained to you. She was there, too. But she was … she says that she was there in this experience, in Sedona. Yeah.
SC: So the Sedona experience, though, you were with a friend and you were hiking?
FZ: Um-hmm.
SC: Tell me, tell me about this. Because it’s quite unusual, in some ways, and yet it’s not in others.
FZ: Well, we were hiking around Bell Rock. It’s so beautiful there. And she was pretty spiritual, too. We stopped. We were compelled to lay down on this low ledge of rock, and we kind of went out. It was like we were … when we woke up we felt like we received a healing.
SC: Um-hmm?
FZ: And, so, then I was in a trance, and I started climbing up Bell Rock. And I kept going, and she was like, looking at me like, “What in the heck are you doing?” It was like I just kept going. I was being led up there. It was like I was being summoned up there.
They directed me to this ledge that was fairly high up. It was about three-quarters of the way up Bell Rock. And I’m afraid of heights, so…
SC: Oh, are you? So am I! [laugh] I’m terrified!
FZ: Yeah. And so, but she — she couldn’t believe it when she saw me, but I just kept going. It was like I was being led and I was trusting them, and just like, all the time I just trusted.
And so they led me out to this ledge, and I turned around and looked out at these two peaks, these two mountains. And in the middle … and it was completely blue sky except right in the middle between the two peaks was this cloud. Looked — or — was — I thought was a cloud. And then, this green light started coming in, into my third eye. And I was still in a trance, and I remember telepathically talking to them, questions and answers. And I don’t remember all of it, I was …
SC: Your — your questions?
FZ: I was asking questions and then they were answering. And …
SC: And what sort of questions did you ask at that time?
FZ: I don’t remember all of those. There was just one that I remember, and I think that was the one I was supposed to remember. I know that I got it subliminally because I … my life was changed after that, because it was just a few years after I started doing healing. So, things really changed a lot.
So, I know that they gave me a lot of information, but it was something I absorbed like in a dream, you know, you don’t always remember your dream? But you know some things afterwards? You know.
But the one question I asked that I remember asking was, “Why am I here?” And they said, “You’re here to heal yourself so that you can assist in healing others.”
SC: What happened when you woke up or when you suddenly came out of the trance?
FZ: When I came out of the trance., I just remember feeling really good, and I realized that it was a cloaked ship, and they were, like, very friendly, very warm, very, you know, I felt very safe. And I remember, though, this really intense pressure in the middle of my eye … third eye that stayed for days, and seeing that green light. I kept seeing it. And it was a very unusual green light, it was one you don’t see on this Earth. I recently have seen it, usually when Mira comes in. So, it was interesting. Anyway, so I just started …
SC: So, what’s green … and what’s green the color of again? Because rose is heart …
FZ: Green is a healing color, but it was not of this Earth. You know, I don’t know how to explain it, but when I see it again, I recognize it, but it’s hard to describe.
SC: Six months ago you had another major encounter with a starship and galactic beings in your rooms.
FZ: Yeah. There was lights and orbs going off in my room. And then there was like this vibration. It was like just a vibration, and my whole bed was vibrating. And …
SC: Some people would like that! [laugh]
FZ: Yes! It wasn’t that kind of vibration. But it was, you know, it was very pronounced. And I remember just experiencing it, and kind of knowing that it was an ET experience. But the next, the next morning I just — and I knew it was, but I didn’t ask a whole lot of questions. I just remember being healed at that time.
And the next day I asked what was going on, and they said it was light ships that were establishing contact. And, because I needed healing and because I’d asked for it. And they wanted me to know that I could have assistance whenever I wanted it.
And so there — it was there to kind of show me that they were delighted to help me. And then they claimed ownership of that time when I was, in the early nineties when I was in my room and I asked for the healing, and all, you know, I was scared, and they told me to calm down. They said it was them, too, that they did it then. But this time I was calmer. [laugh]
 SC: So, do you have any memory of what those beings look like?
FZ: No. It’s — it’s like … I don’t have memory yet. I know I’ll start having more memory. I do see Mira sometimes, and it’s leading to… so I know I’ll have more memory. I don’t — it’s all coming so fast that I think they’re trying to keep me from knowing too much, because a lot has — I mean, I was looking back at all the private messages I’ve gotten. I’ve gotten so much information that I’m like, I need time to, you know, absorb it all.
SC: So, when you see Mira, how does she appear to you?
FZ: I see her eyes, I see — it’s more of an energy. But I also see just a — like a regal looking figure. And she’ll just come flash in. But she just talks to me kind of lovingly but firmly, and just feels really comforting, but it feels like really chatty.
SC: Does she — but does she look like us? Does she have long flowing hair, or is she in white robes, or…?
FZ: I feel like she looks more like us.
SC: Because one of the things that you have talked about is that they have told you about healing chambers.…
FZ: Oh, right!
SC: And that’s been — that’s been an issue that’s been, you know…. Some people have said there are healing chambers, sometimes Sheldan Nidle’s talked about them, sometimes Greg Giles has talked about them, and yet other people have said there aren’t.
What have they told you about the healing chambers at this point in time?
FZ: That came to me in a … when Archangel Michael asked me to start looking at my roots. So he showed me pictures of my life on the Pleiades. And I can describe that in a minute. But then, the next time …
SC: Oh, hang on a minute. We need to step back, the Pleiades. So, you had a life in the Pleiades?
FZ: Yes, I did.
SC: Oh. So how did you find that out? Is that from Mira, because she was your Pleiadian mother?
FZ: No, actually before I even met Mira, Archangel Michael told me I needed … when I meditated I needed to connect to my roots, so I was able to see some images. And I’ve also, like … and had the same images maybe about six years earlier, but I wasn’t sure what it was. Like a lot of pink, almost like clouds, mist, and just all this love around me. And I was in a room where I was doing healing in, like a chamber, like in a room, that was like a chamber. I don’t know how to explain it.
And I was doing some work on people with this tool that they showed me that was a healing tool. And they told me I could bring it back with me. And it was to clear hearts. That’s what my work was, to clear hearts. And that’s what I — they told me that’s what I’m doing in this lifetime, too.
SC: Now, Archangel Michael told you that you were here to help us all with our Ascension. So, apart from the channeled messages you bring through, what else did he tell you?
FZ: Oh. He said that — you know, as far — you’re talking about December 21st?
SC: Whatever you want to talk about. It’s — what it’s …
FZ: He talked — they came in — they told me that it’s not like a set date of Ascension, to think of it as a goal. And with the amount of light being generated in our cells and light bodies, and the amount of light that we’re bringing to Earth right now, it’s entirely possible the Ascension of Earth and beings will occur around that date.
And, but to not to be concerned with the date, but with our awakening. So, they keep stressing that.
SC: Let’s talk about Ascension, then. Let’s talk about the process. Because Archangel Michael did tell you a bit about what happens after Ascension, even if we can’t be told what happens leading up to and what exactly happens on that particular moment.
FZ: Yeah. They have been giving in their messages ways that we can increase our chances of Ascending. So, in a lot of the messages they’re all, you know, they’re talking about all the different ways that will help our Ascension process. But ….
SC: Can I just take a step back, then?
FZ: Yeah.
SC: ’Cause you’ve just said it’s ways that we can increase our Ascension, and yet other people are saying that we all will ascend. Others are saying if we have the intent to ascend we will. Obviously — I mean, my thinking is that we’re all different, we’re all different souls from different places, and we’ve all got processes and steps that we still have to undertake.
So, are they saying to you that we all ascend? Or that some of us ascend? Or …?
FZ: They’re saying that we can make the choice, and if we have — and if we have made the choice, they’re helping us be able to do it. And it’s a done deal. A lot of us have already ascended. Like, he said I have already ascended, but a lot of us come into this Earth already knowing what Ascension is. So, we’re just bringing ourselves out of duality and increasing our light so that we will be in that position.
SC: What else did they tell you, though, Fran, about Ascension itself, or what lies ahead?
FZ: Well, he told me that — he told me a few things that would happen to kind of give us encouragement. And he said there would be, like, flying buses and trains. And he — he — not literally, but he said — he uses those words so we can relate to the concept of it, and there would actually be people-movers just above the ground.
And then, people would be communicating telepathically, of course we all know that, but a lot of our communicating devices will be extinct. He said there’d be like a slight tap with a finger on a person’s temple to indicate the concept had been relayed, when you’re near someone and you’re telepathically communicating. And I saw that in my vision, when I was shown my planet.
And … what else did he say? He said there’d be a lot of ‘defuncting’ of established principles, like from Einstein…
SC: Do you mean ‘debunking’?
FZ: Debunking! Yeah, I’m sorry….you don’t hear the F or the B, yeah.
SC: I suppose— well, defuncting’s kind of …
FZ: He didn’t say anything about evolution, but he said a lot of established principles would be debunked. He said the Earth was ascending, so, so are the principles of truth. And there would be a lot of devices that would be blowing us away.
SC: Technology, new technology.
FZ: Yeah. Yeah. Like a replicating device for nourishment. But he also said that eventually we’re going to have less and less need for food. And it will be like we’re breathing air and getting nourishment. Which I’ve always felt was true.
SC: Anything else?
FZ: He said some of it would come later and some earlier, and it would evolve as the energy got lighter and people got used to creating what they needed. So, all the time I just get — I get in the messages that we just have to keep increasing our light quotient, in ourselves, as well as the Earth. And that’s what’s bringing Ascension about.
SC: And how would you recommend that people did that? I mean, it’s easy for some of us who understand the light and understand what we’re hoping to do, and we hope we’re doing it the right way. But what advice would you give to somebody who was just listening now and going, oh, how can I increase my light?
FZ: It’s very important to spend a lot of time being still and meditating, and breathing. Even during your day, I’m always told to just breathe in light from the great central sun, through my body into each cell, and breathing it like it was air. And filling myself up with it — which I’ve always been told to do in my healing session. So I’ve pretty much been doing that, even… But then, also bringing it into the Earth, up, back, up again, and then back up to the central sun, and then as you become more and more filled with light, spreading it out.
So, getting used to breathing through your spine, you know, through your whole body, and enlightening every part of your body. And as we’re doing that, that’s what’s making some of the things that we need to clear kind of exposed, right? So, we have to work on that.
SC: Now, you’re a mum of two boys. What do you tell your sons?
FZ: Well, my youngest one knows about — he’s a starseed, and he knows about all this. My older one’s a little resistant, so. You know, he’s — he doesn’t quite understand it all. In fact, I remember when I did some long distance healing on him, he asked for it and I did it and he felt it, but he didn’t want to talk about it. [laugh] It scared him. It scared him a little bit.
SC: Now, you just said your youngest son’s a Starseed. How did you know that and what makes him possibly slightly more open than your other boy?
FZ: He — we had a conversation one time out of the blue, about nine months ago, and he started talking about it, and we both started comparing notes. They always knew I was weird. They always knew I did this healing, and they just kind of …
SC: Did they tell you you’re weird? [laugh]
FZ: Well, I’ve always been called weird, yeah. My older son, he mentions, “Oh, I saw your messages on Facebook again,” and then it’s like silence [laughing]… So it probably makes him a little uncomfortable.
SC: Yeah, but do you reckon that he reads them anyway, and just doesn’t tell you?
FZ: He could. He could.
SC: And so then the codes that Archangel Michael said go through anyway, and the inner messaging, that would still actually happen for him.
FZ: Yes, exactly. And I think just by my — I mean, I send them light and healing all the time, but as we evolve and we vibrate out, even if we don’t do messages, but as we fill with light and vibrate out, we affect everybody. And it affects everyone. It’s like this kind of domino effect. So, I know it’s affecting him, and I think that some — you know, a lot of times people, they’re uncomfortable with it, but it doesn’t mean they don’t receive it.
SC: Umm, umm. Because I can relate to that in some ways, though. I give my father messages and, you know, he’s not in denial, he just goes, “Uh-hunh,” and yet I know he goes away and thinks about it.
FZ: Exactly. I have clients that, oh, I — some of them will just be really, really positive, like “Oh, it really helped,” and then other ones will go, “Oh, I see you’re doing a lot of this,” like, dot, dot, dot. You know. They don’t quite know what to make of it. But then they come to me when something weird happens, because they know I’ll be able to explain it to them. So….
SC: And how did you know that your youngest son was a starseed?
FZ: He told me.
SC: He told you? You didn’t know that?
FZ: Well, I suspected, but I didn’t bring it up to him, until he brought it up.
SC: And what did he say?
FZ: He started reading Dolores Cannon, and … it was right about the time I started looking at The 2012 Scenario, the exact same time.
SC: There’s been some leading statements in some of your recent messages that things may be changing [this week?].
FZ: Right. Mira said recently, the stage has been set, and all teams have the go-ahead, as planned. And so she was referring to, I’m sure, the arrests and also Disclosure. And she said, all that awaits a full press forward to victory was a coming together of all components of the light in a majority of the population, which is reaching the tipping point, which shows that we’re getting closer to that point. And that’s why everybody — the mass meditations are really helping, and several messages have already said that. And then she also said that, you know, “Further rounding up and neutralization of the dark ones is required,” but always … the messages are always positive, that we’re getting there.
SC: And what do you feel yourself?
FZ: I feel we are. I feel like we’re really, really close.
SC: Now, you meditate a lot, I know, and you’re very, very busy. You’ve got — trying to fit something into your schedule is like trying to get in to see the President. [laugh] But what do you do to relax? What do you do to take time out?
FZ: I love listening to music. I garden. I love being in my garden. In fact, Mira is working with me. They’re training me, they’re taking me out on the ships and they’re training me to do some healing on the Earth. And so, she’s been showing me things in the garden, how to work with transmuting energies. But I love being in the garden, I love listening to music, I like watching heart movies, and I’ve been into cloud watching lately, and …
SC: Oh, haven’t we all? [laugh]
FZ: Yeah. I — sky watching. And something just reminded me, when I was talking about that with her, training, you know, taking me on the ships to train me at night, she says she’s been doing that. And plus Archangel Michael’s been taking me out to do healing. But they’ve been taking me on the ships to train me, and I have a vision of standing with Sananda, overlooking some of the nations, or some of the countries that needed the most healing. So, it was very, very intense, his energy. It was very wonderful. So, I had forgotten to say that.
SC: So, are they like Middle Eastern countries?
FZ: Yes. And third world. But it was everywhere. I even saw one that looked more like Ireland.
SC: Well, that makes sense with some of the messages we’ve had out of there with regards to the Vatican and the hidden history of Ireland and all those sorts of things.
FZ: Right.
SC: Now, you’ve chosen a song today, which is “Imagine,” by John Lennon. Can you tell me why?
FZ: Yeah. I’ve always — I grew up around that song and the Beatles. I mean, I just — I was like, you know, a teenager during that time. And I always knew that song, “Imagine,” was — it was a possibility. I’d felt like I’d already seen it, and we were going to do it again, type thing. It was like a remembering. And I get chills whenever I hear it. I got chills when I was young, hearing it. And I just feel hope with it. And it is like remembering how we used to be and how we’ll be again.
And I imagine, you know, imagining is what we need to do. We need to feel as if it’s already happened. And I feel like we’re doing it, we’re getting closer. I mean, all the words, like, imagine there is no killing, no wars, and no killing or dying, living for today, you know, all of it. And then that whole line, “You may think I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one,” that just gives me chills, because we’re all doing it. I feel like we’re all coming together and we’re getting there.
SC: Well, Fran, I hope indeed we are, and I thank you so much for sharing your very personal light agenda with us today. And of course you can find out more about Fran and all the messages she channels at franhealing.com, and you can also check out her blog site, which is franheal.wordpress.com.
I’ll be back again next week when my guest will be American Kabuki, who’s finally recovered from his bout in hospital, and he’s ready and raring to chat about his life story and mission.
Meanwhile, this is Stephen Cook, and as always, in everything you do this week, may you only serve The Light Agenda. And here is Fran Zepeda’s musical choice, “Imagine,” by John Lennon.
Fran, it’s been an absolute pleasure today. Thank you so much.
FZ: My pleasure. Thank you for having me.
SC: No problem, and love and light to you and yours.
FZ: You too. Thanks.

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