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  I have been  providing alternative, holistic healing services to many satisfied clients for the past 20 years, with very successful results. 
  I am a Certified Massage Therapist (CMT),  a Certified Energy Therapist (CET), and a Certified Advanced ThetaHealing* Practitioner. I am also a spiritual healer, minister, intuitive guide, channel, and a psychic medium/clairvoyant.
  My journey doing healing work began with my own illnesses, traumas, and injuries. Desiring to help others with their physical problems as well as emotional, mental, and spiritual blocks led to the further development of my gifts for massage, healing, and intuitive and energy work through education and experience.
  I am dedicated to supporting others on their healing journey, and would be honored to help you transform your life to become a healthier, happier, more authentic you.
My sessions are a unique, specialized blend of many different techniques and modalities, drawing from established disciplines as well as techniques I have created and channeled, to give you a deep and lasting experience of healing, in a calming and relaxing atmosphere.

Phone or Remote Spiritual, Energy and Intuitive Healings, Readings and Channelings are available for anyone not able to come in to my office. No two sessions are alike and are completely individualized for you, each and every time you have a session. 
I look forward to  hearing from you!
                                                  Fran Zepeda,CMT, CET            
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