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Message from Archangel Michael and Jeshua: October 26, 2011
Channeler: Fran Zepeda


For many now, this is a time of great awakening. There is no limit now to what you can do.  The world is your oyster, so to speak. Take the pearl out and polish it with all the love you have inside you. There is more, waiting for you. You just have to keep opening your hearts. The golden door we have told you about is waiting to be opened. Many of you have already begun to cross the threshold. 

You will not believe what you will find; the energy is so much lighter. The love is so much deeper. The colors so much richer. The possibilities endless. You are your own navigator in this journey. How much are you open to? Yes, your star sisters and brothers and all the ascended masters and other celestial beings are helping you, but you are running the engine. You are the conductors, dear friends. 

What a sight you are in for. Many of you already have glimpses, and you are the ones who will encourage others. Keep walking down the golden path. Your heart will be your compass. It will guide you well. Open it wide and let all the beautiful light energy that is streaming down to earth fill you up and expand out in an ever widening flowing circle like ripples on a pond. As it meets with others it just expands wider until it is such a force of deep, deep and all encompassing love, spreading far and wide. You are all taking part and it is a beautiful spectacle of a light show to see. Feel the electric energy. Feel the power. That is what you can do with just sending out love after building it up inside every cell of your bodies.

There is no telling how far you can go with this. Many are already reaching the 5th dimension and higher. It is contagious and others are quickly following. Everyone is going at their own pace and in perfect order for their lives. It is truly like popcorn popping, and the oil is getting hotter, dear ones. It has been heated up by your wonderful divine unconditional love that you are so unselfishly spreading with no limits.

Take a moment now to consider how far you have come. We commend you for not falling into the trap of fear that will just hold you back. You are advancing with abandon, pushing the limits of your trust and faith. No easy task, dear ones. You are doing it for the sake of love, for the sake of peace and for the sake of happiness of all humans on this earth. And yes, you make all of us so happy and joyful as well. We embrace you with so much love. You are right on track, dear beloveds. There is indeed no turning back, and you have a wonderful road ahead of you. Take it in stride and in faith.

There is no match for your strength nor for the depth of your love. You are just beginning to tap the capabilities that you all have. Many of you are finding your true calling which you grasp with faith and no fear of leaving what you once spent your days doing. Take up your swords of love and slash away at the illusion that you have been toiling under for so long. Everyone who does it just paves the way for many others to step out of the hologram that has kept them enslaved for so long. Do what you love, and love what you do, it has been said. What will bring you joy?  For, we guarantee, dear ones, that doing that will bring joy to others and inspire others to do the same, and peace will be just a thought away after that. Think about it. This is what you all came here for, and what we have come here to watch and help you with.

Love with abandon, give with abandon, play with abandon, and look upon the world with the innocent eyes of a child. Take your cues from them. They know how to live in the Now moment and put their full attention there, with complete faith and trust that they are safe. Feel the complete joy that a child feels when experiencing something wondrous.  They expect miracles and they see them. You can too. Let go of your shells of mistrust and fear. Step over that golden threshold and walk with others into the pure golden light of Truth and Love. You will not be disappointed nor will you regret it. We promise you that!

We remain your loving comrades of peace and love, and look forward to the time in the near future where we will be walking with you yet again.

Thank you, Archangel Michael and Jeshua.

Fran Zepeda  

Copyright © 2011-2013 by Fran Zepeda. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, credit is given to the author, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and link are included.

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