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Transcript – Fran Zepeda on The Light Agenda – Part1/2
2012 July 21Posted by Stephen Cook

 Transcript – Fran Zepeda on The Light Agenda – Part1/2
Here is Part 1 of my interview with Fran Zepeda, channeller of Archangel Michael and the Company of Heaven, Yeshua, Sananda, Mother Mary and Mira the Pleiadian on The Light Agenda on July 4. Part 2 tomorrow. Thanks, as always, to Ellen for transcribing.
You can listen to the full interview here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/inlight_radio/2012/07/04/the-light-agenda

Stephen Cook: Hello, and welcome to The Light Agenda. I’m Stephen Cook, and thanks for joining me and my special guest, channel and healer Fran Zepeda, today.
Now, just before Fran and I get chatting about her light agenda, I’d just like to thank many of you for the hugely positive feedback I’ve had regarding this show, especially how much some of you have benefited from what my guests have been sharing, and as I said at the start, my aim with this show was to be a place where light minds came to think alight and inspire you to come alight. And it seems that is exactly what’s happening, and so that is just fantastic, and I’m delighted to hear that. And it’s definitely something that Fran Zepeda will be doing today as well, I’m sure.
Fran’s story is one of confidence finally triumphing over fear, abuse, chronic illness, injury, learning disabilities and self esteem. But it is a happy story, and it’s a triumph that has resulted in her finding herself content in a public role in a relatively very short space of time.
Now, while Fran may be familiar to you through her regular channeled posts from Archangel Michael and the Company of Heaven, Yeshua, Sananda, Mother Mary, and even Mira the Pleiadian, it may surprise you to learn that Fran only found the inner strength to go public with her channels less than a year ago. And she also runs her own healing practice and website.
Fran Zepeda, I’m so happy to have you on the show today. Welcome to The Light Agenda. 
Fran Zepeda: Hi, Stephen. Nice to be here with you.
SC: Thank you so much for coming, as I just said. Now, we’re going to talk a little bit about some fairly personal things today, but let’s get all that public stuff out of the way first. And I was really surprised when I found out that you’d only been publicly channeling, as in, like, mass, you know, for big anonymous groups of us, for just under a year. So, what took you so long?
Fran Zepeda: [laugh] Well, I just — I stayed private. I guess I was shy. I did healings, I, you know, I channeled all my life, you know, with friends and with people I knew and family, and then when I started doing healing work 20 years ago, I was channeling for them. But I always had this fear of going out there. And I was being nudged, but I, you know, I wasn’t taking up on it, I don’t think.
But I got nudged later.
SC: Well, tell me, how did it come about, though, a year ago? What pushed you, or what nudged you, at that point to go, “Right, I’m going to go wild here”?
FZ: Well, the way it happened was I was just — I thought my mission was just to heal, you know. And then to channel information to help people heal, to help people with their growth, you know, with their evolvement. So I was just happily going along, expanding my healing practice, when a friend of mine a year ago gave me a link to The 2012 Scenario. And I started looking at some of the articles, and I realized – I’d always known I was a lightworker – but I started realizing… and I knew I was a starseed – but I started… it started validating it even more, and it started awakening it even more.
And then at one point I was nudged to start … I kept noticing Suzanne Spooner’s TAUK, The Art of Universal Knowing. In some of her messages, she kept talking about it. And I was being nudged — and it was probably Archangel Michael — to try it out.
SC: So, what was that nudge? What do you mean by nudged?
FZ: Nudged? Well, I just felt like everything else in my life, when I went into a new direction that was to help other people or to help myself, I just felt this compelling feeling, I had to do it. It just kept showing up in my — in front of my face, you know. And I could feel it. And then I would hear, like, “Okay, you need to do this”.
SC: So you reckon you had a — like this little nudge that said “Let’s get talking through TAUK”?
FZ: Yeah. Hah. It was like, it was just explore it. Even though I’d already been telepathically channeling, it was just to explore it. And what it did was it got me to start recording it, the messages.
SC: And by recording, you mean typing them up, or…?
FZ: Typing them out. Yeah. I’d always just said them through my mouth. Sometimes I would write stuff down. Some people would record the sessions, but that would be for them.
SC: Okay, so you went off and did The Art of Universal Knowing. I’m assuming you did a course with Suzanne Spooner.
FZ: Yeah, I just did the course, yeah.
SC: And what came out of that?
FZ: Well, that’s when — I took the course in July and then in August, … all of a sudden, I started practicing with it. And at first ETs started coming in — RWAK, R-W-A-K, and my guardian angel. And then, all of a sudden, Archangel Michael came through.
SC: So … and he hadn’t come through to you before then?
FZ: The TAUK method kind of identified who it was, whereas I always sensed it, but I got a verification, I got like a validation that it was him. And I realized it had been him all along. But he came in, like, really strongly, started telling me things like my — first thing he told me was my sister, my older sister, was very sick and I needed to go see her.
And then, I was on the verge of a great awakening, myself as well as the world was. And he showed me ways to increase my vibration so I could channel publicly. He just told — he told me within a month’s time I would be channeling publicly, you know, sending messages out to the public. And ….
SC: So, when he said to you how to increase your vibration, what did he tell you?
FZ: He — first of all he told me to do a silent meditation versus — I had been doing an active one, a Buddhist one, for 20 years, and it helped me get through a lot of karmic things, you know. But he told me that I would need to go deeper in this silent mediation that he explained to me, that — well, he actually, you know, kept telling me that I needed to do it that way. And then to get away from the organization, and — because he was trying to get me to look inward more, with — from his channelings.
SC: So, how did you know it was him?
FZ: He was … he had this warmth… Well, first of all, I saw his blue light — I knew about that. And, but the chart spelled his name out. She has like a chart and a pendulum, which I don’t — I use —
SC: Like — is that like dowsing?
FZ: Well, kind of. It just kind of spelled it out, and it affirmed that I’d been telepathically, you know, connecting with him. And then, since then I don’t use it. But I was able to recognize the energy by seeing the name being spelled out.
SC: Okay. So he came, and he said, “Fran, you’ve got to get off your butt. You need to start getting these messages out there.” So, what was your reaction at the beginning there?
FZ: He was giving me such an atmosphere of love, and unconditional love, and help with feeling better and being more confident, and showing me ways that I could — like going in nature and walking in nature, eating certain foods, loving myself. He worked with me on loving myself unconditionally. So he was like prepping me to be able to receive these higher vibration messages.
SC: And then suddenly, though, you found that you had the whole Company of Heaven coming through.
FZ: Yeah. Well, first of all it was him, and then he told me that Yeshua would be coming in, and then later on other ones. And I think he even mentioned Mira. But when they — when he and Yeshua came in, it was very, very strong — like just bowled me over. And then, after that, there would be times where they would say, you know, “This is Archangel Michael,” or, “This is Yeshua,” or this is both of them, or the Company of Heaven would come in as kind of as a backup, you know, like a way of enforcing the energy? And so they would be there, but the — you know, the main one would be Yeshua or Archangel Michael.
SC: So, how do you tell the difference in energies? Because you’ve said that Archangel Michael’s very warm and that Yeshua’s powerful and strong. But Yeshua has also shown you his face.
FZ: Yeah. He showed me his face. I see orbs sometimes …
SC: So, what does he look like? Does he look like Jesus that we have been led to believe?
FZ: What he does is he shows me a picture of who he … it’s like he shows in the orb, I can feel it, see his eyes, and then he, like, shows me a picture of how I relate to him.
SC: Okay. And what color are the eyes? I’m fascinated now.
FZ: Piercing. They were piercing — I think they’re blue. But it’s more like a feeling. It was an energetic feeling of him, and then I would — he would just come in with the orb, and then I would see his eyes flashing at me and his face flashing at me.
S C: And then are you hearing and seeing and feeling all at once?
FZ: Yes. It’s like I’m hearing the words and the phrases and the concepts, and a lot of times I see the images and the symbols and the colors of what they want to convey. And then I’m feeling the energy and what they want to project, and I’m told that there’s coded and emotional information in the messages …
SC: Well, I was going to say that, because in your messages you were told that even if someone doesn’t read them, there’s light coding in them. Is that correct?
FZ: Yes. There’s vibrational — there’s vibrational — well, that’s not entirely accurate. There’s vibrational energy that reaches people as soon as they are transmitted, even if people don’t read them. But when they read them, there’s codes that elicit certain information and emotional clearing.
SC: Okay.
FZ: Yeah.
SC: Now, you also channel Sananda. And I always thought that Sananda and Yeshua were the same entity.
FZ: They are. What they told me was that Yes — Sananda is Yeshua’s high self, that …
SC: Okay. So a higher dimensional self of Yeshua.
FZ: Right. And so, but now Yeshua of course is ascended. So, but Sananda is still … was always his higher self. And they said it was a matter of focus of intent and perspective. They said that many ways they’re like one and the same, but Sananda’s always been Yeshua’s high self. And he remembers — and Yeshua remembers his experiences from duality and human interactions, and he often speaks from that.
So the messages are more of a sharing of what he can impart to others as far as living in the light and Christ consciousness. And so you notice — you know, and he addresses himself as Brother. So, but they’re integrated just like we all are, you know, the high self and the being are integrated like we are. But it’s tapping into the experience that is unique to each when they come in. And they’re both very distinct.
Yeshua comes in more warm and embracing, like a brother, like lots of, you know, compassion. But Sananda has a lot — they all have a lot of compassion and a lot of — and unconditional love. But he’s more subtle. It’s like a fatherly teacher type.
SC: So do you reckon one of them’s better than the other to listen to? [laugh]
FZ: They all — they impart messages with a different focus and intent. Like, they both have done messages on illusion, but you notice that the way they talk about it is different. So it’s almost like they’re saying, a lot of times, you know, different people respond to different entities, so the messages are coming from a different perspective, and so they can resonate with them.
SC: You’ve also said Mother Mary is the most delicate, and yet you’re not religious at all. So, when you first started getting these messages, did you know who they were? And then, what do you say to people who, you know, when you’re receiving those messages, if you don’t have a religious, I suppose — that doesn’t mean you’re not Christian — but a religious understanding, does that make things different?
FZ: It’s interesting when I hear people talk about the Bible, because it just matches a lot of the stuff that comes through the messages. So it just tells me that they’re purely coming from those sources. And it’s probably good that I don’t know a whole lot. [laugh]
SC: So when you’re hearing stuff, then, it’s often completely new?
FZ: Yes. And then, sometimes beforehand they’ll show me, you know, things to kind of get me a little bit … ready, prepared, so that I can understand it a little better as it comes through. But I just transmit the way I’m receiving. So, but they — but it’s all like all at once, with the words and with the pictures and with the symbols, and it’s just … it’s interesting.
SC: So, are you exhausted after a channel session?
FZ: Yeah, you can be pretty tired, yeah. But the tiring part comes with getting the message out afterwards, I think. [laugh]
SC: In what way?
FZ: Technically. Well, just — I have to get it on blogs, and I have to get it on, you know, send it out by email from my website. But it’s actually very exhilarating. I feel this peacefulness after I channel. And it’s very … and it’s just beautiful. It’s like they’re sharing with me, and they’re working with me to get a message through me so that whoever needs to hear it will get it.
SC: And what about Mira? Because you’ve that said she’s most familiar to you. What do you mean by that, and what is the connection there?
FZ: She’s more — she tells me — she feels like more my energy, but it’s more like my high self energy, and she tells me that she’s my mother, she’s my Pleiadian mother. And, so, she’s been around a long time; she’s been around in some experiences I’ve had. So… And then you asked … I’m sorry, you asked about Mother Mary.
The way I knew that she came in was that I had a vision the night before she came in. And it was this — she had this person, it was like a waking vision, it wasn’t a dream. And I just saw this being in front of me that had a blue cape, and beautiful compassionate eyes, and love, just feelings of love.
And I wasn’t sure who it was. I suspected it might have been Mother Mary, but I wasn’t sure. And she told me some things, and then the next day she came in with a private message and told me it was her, and then she came with public messages.
SC: And yet she was blue?
FZ: Her cape was blue.
SC: Right. What about Mira?
FZ: Mira? She came in — Archangel Michael told me that she wanted to come in several months ago, but they were preparing me, because I still had a fear of humiliation, you know, that feeling of … that being out there was, you know, just not really comfortable, because they were asking me to put it on my website, which is my healing business, as well as my blog. I was a little nervous, like, you know, some of my clients were even, like, responding to the messages I was giving on Yeshua and Archangel Michael and everything. So, I thought, well, they could tell I was a little nervous about it.
So she, so she just started coming in privately for, like, a whole month before and started preparing me. And she did this clearing with me to release all that, so that I would be ready to do it.
SC: So, do you think you’ve been [laugh] …. When you say that, it makes it sound like it was a terribly nerve-wracking experience for you when you first started posting things on your own blog.
FZ: I did it because I trusted Archangel Michael and all the spiritual beings, and I did it because I knew it was my mission, and I knew that they’d asked me to do it. And I didn’t hesitate at all. But I was getting reactions, and so they could sense that I still needed to clear some more things before she came in.
SC: In saying that, though, you’ve said you were shy. Have you always been shy?
FZ: Yeah, I was so reserved. As a child I hid myself a lot, because of my upbringing. And then, in high school, I was voted the most shy! [laugh]
SC: So, you just mentioned something. So, tell me a little bit about your upbringing.
FZ: I was very different. I was very different from everybody in my family, and I was threatening to my mother because she didn’t accept my ability. She knew I was psychic, she knew I was a healer, and it frightened her. And …
SC: Why do you think that was?
FZ: I think it was her religious upbringing. She was raised as a Catholic. And that … she didn’t raise us as Catholic, but she had been — it had been drummed into her, she was — it was not a pleasant experience for her. So anything that related, she had — I don’t know if it was instilled in her to have fear about psychic people, or healers, or whatever, but she just had — she was threatened by it.
And so, yeah. And then I would also know when people were lying to me, and so I could catch her in lies, and I would kind of say so, and I would get punished, because …
SC: Even though you were shy, you’d speak up?
FZ: At first I did, but then I learned to kind of hide myself. Yeah. Because I had to protect myself.
SC: But your grandmother was also psychic. So, was that her mother, or your father’s mother?
FZ: That was her mother.
SC: So, do you think then that she had this experience where her mother was able to ascertain that she was lying, and then suddenly you were doing the same thing and it freaked her out?
FZ: I don’t know. She definitely experienced it. I could tell that she knew about it. But she didn’t want to talk about it. And my grandmother didn’t tell me she was psychic. My grandmother never revealed it to me. I found out later she was. After she passed.
SC: Oh, okay. But, in terms of your childhood, though, your mother — was your mother strict? Was she — was she tough with you, or was she just scared by you, that was it?
FZ: She didn’t like my spirit. I was — she told me I was too spirited, she tried to squelch it, because I was just full of imagination, and … [laugh] and activity, and just everything.
SC: And what about your dad?
FZ: My dad was an alcoholic, and he was very withdrawn, and he kind of abandoned us from very early. So, he wasn’t around much until much later, when I sought him out. So he wasn’t even around. He was afraid of her.
SC: Oh, okay. So, but he wasn’t … he wasn’t mean to you in any way? Or…
FZ: He wasn’t mean to me, but he was withdrawn, and it was like withdrawal of love, you know. I didn’t feel loved.
SC: And did you have brothers and sisters?
FZ: Yeah, I had two sisters.
SC: And were you close to them?
FZ: I was close to my older sister for a while. She was six years older. But, but she was bugged by me. I just, you know, followed her around, and she’d always complain to my mom. But she would let me listen to her Elvis Presley records and things like that. So, and then she used me as a model. She was an artist, so she used me as a model when I was younger. So, she would draw me and stuff. So, we got along pretty well. But my younger sister was always in competition with me.
SC: Okay. All right. So, at school you were shy. You also had dyslexia, and that resulted in other learning difficulties. But you ended up channeling, though, for friends.
FZ: Um-hmm. Yeah. It was really interesting. Stuff would just come out of my mouth when I was talking to friends. And they would say, ‘oh, oh, my gosh, you know, sounds like there’s an angel talking through you’. I mean, they would tell me later that it helped them tremendously. I don’t remember at all what I said, but it would just come out in spurts at times, just kind of like channeling does now, you know. It comes through us.
SC: And how old were you then?
FZ: I think the first time I remember it was when I was in grade school.
SC: So how old, roughly?
FZ: Yeah, nine or ten. Eleven?
SC: So, you —
FZ: [ ? ] I remember a lot of it.
SC: So, what? You would just be sitting there and then you’d suddenly tell them something about their lives, or about messages? What actually came through at that time?
FZ: They’d be talking about something, and I would … it would just come through me. I don’t even remember saying it. This is what happens a lot of times when I would channel for my clients, is I don’t remember saying it, it would just come through as the solution to their problem, or an insight, or something to help them understand it better.
I don’t remember exactly what I said, I just remember their response, that they used it and it helped them. They came back and said, “This really changed my life,” or whatever. And I just remember thinking, puzzled, like, “Well, okay, good.”
SC: Now, you also had nighttime visitors. What were they, and when did they start?
FZ: They started when I was young. I’d be in bed, and I’d feel all these beings around me, and I would be a little bit frightened. And I would call my mom and she would tell me I was just imagining things, and there’s no boogie man, and I was just too sensitive, and go to sleep type thing.
So, I kind of hid that after a while. But they would come in and kind of warn me about things, or tell me … help me understand things.
SC: Because that’s really interesting. I can actually totally relate to that, because as a child I would wake up or regularly go to bed at night, and there would be so many faces at the windows, and sometimes there would be energies in the room, but the way I dealt with it was I would actually rock myself to sleep and bang my head on my bedhead. And my parents would then come in and tell me to stop making so much noise! [laugh]
But I can relate to that. So, it is that feeling, though, isn’t it? You’re not quite sure whether to be frightened, but you’re not, and then there’s a part of you that wants them to go away.
FZ: Right, yeah, and I remember … but I remember also them telling me that they weren’t going to hurt me. So, I just kind of figured they were my friends, because they actually gave me a lot of support.
SC: And how did they appear to you, though?
FZ: Sometimes I would see shadows, and sometimes I would just feel them. Later on, they … when I was older, I would see them more as … like I’d wake up and I would see beings in my room, and they would talk to me. Just like when we were doing a healing or something.
SC: Now, when you did leave home, your first job was as a teacher. Then you moved into the legal profession. And you were about to start a really great job with the Attorney General’s office in San Francisco in the eighties, but you became very ill with chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome. Had … were you married by that time, and had you had your two boys?
FZ: Yeah, I was married and divorced by then. I had my two boys. They were teens by then.
SC: Okay. So, why do you think that illness came on?
FZ: Well, I’ve been sick all my life, but I … I don’t know why it came on. It was kind of in the wings a lot. I would be sick on and off all my life. But this, it came on fill force during that time. And what’s interesting about it is that it’s got — had a lot of symptoms of the Ascension symptoms. The Ascension symptoms are, you know, very similar. That I’m having now.
SC: So, when you say you’d been sick all your life, though, what things had befallen you?
FZ: I would be … I would have stomach aches, I would get pneumonia, I would get … I would just get exhausted and not be able to go to school. I would have … a lot of the major illnesses didn’t happen until later.
SC: When you say that, though, why do you think that that happened for you? Do you think that was slowing you down? Or were you just having trouble coping in this life?
FZ: Well, in some ways I think I would just be going full speed ahead and it would get me to stop. And the other thing that I found out, I’ve just started discovering now that every time I get sick I come out with a higher vibration. And I’m able to do better healing, you know, all throughout my career. And then, even now, with my channeling, I get kind of taken out for a while, and then I come back and I can channel higher vibrations, it feels like, or more complex messages.
SC: Okay. So you’re just probably being worked on during that period. So it’s a matter of, “Lay down, Fran. Just sit here and we’ll fix you up.”
FZ: Exactly. Exactly. That’s exactly … they actually told me that. They kind of take me out and I can’t do anything. [laugh] But then I come back, and I just have to sit it out. And then I come back and I, it’s like … And they told me one … I mean, I’ve even seen codes come through my head at night, you know, from them, and they even told me I was being re-calibrated, and stuff like that.
And I also remember, even when … before I started channeling these entities, during my healing career, the same thing would happen, and I’d be able to do better healing afterward.
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