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                  Healing Massage and Bodywork

          Intuitive, Spiritual, and Energy Healings

 Intuitive Readings/Channelings

                                    Relieve Pain and Stress

           Promote Health, Relaxation, and a Sense of Well-Being
       Balance, Clear and Harmonize your Energy   
            Release Blocks and Limiting Beliefs

       Balance and Open Your Life

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from Archangel MichaelNowhere has there been a light as bright as on the planet right now. Love has increased considerably in the hearts of many. Kindness abounds and love grows...... more
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      "Simply put, Fran is remarkable...there was such a transformation... " 

"In my experience, her work is about easing the body out of pain...and shifting/clearing worn-out thoughts, beliefs, and feelings... am deeply grateful I have found her."  more

     "Fran Zepeda is the very best massage therapist that I have ever experienced...."  more

     " Fran brings mediumship to a whole new level....Not only does she channel in a clear, explicit, beautiful way, she also HEALS. Fran is an amazing healer..."   more

     "...Her massages are physically relaxing and mentally soothing. I highly recommend Fran..." more
     " Massage Miracle Worker... I recommend her to anyone who has an acute or severely chronic body pain. She is great! ..."  more

     "Fran is an amazing healer who has helped me tremendously..." more
      "...Anyone who begins treatment with Fran is drawn to her work for life ..." more

      "...Her use of ThetaHealing Therapy has helped me unlock several negative core beliefs...I cannot thank her enough for all that she has helped me overcome..." more
       "...Fran has helped me in so many ways...." more

       "...I would recommend her work to everyone!..." more
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                                                  Discover Alternative Ways        

                      to Holistic Wellness, Transformation, & Empowerment

                           Intuitive/Spiritual/Energy Healings and Clearings

                             Intuitive/Spiritual Readings/Channelings

                Healing/Reading Sessions offered via Phone/Zoom/Email or Distant 

                                    ~ By Appointment Only ~   

                                    ~ Gift Certificates Available ~

             Promote Health, Relaxation, and a Sense of Well-Being and Wholeness

                             Balance, Clear and Harmonize your Energy   

                                 Release Blocks and Limiting Beliefs
                                    Balance and Open Your Life

         Gain Valuable Insights, Information & Guidance to Enhance, Heal, Empower                                           and Transform your Life!

                                   Advance Your Spiritual Awakening

                                         Relieve Pain and Stress

            Please see Services and Fran For More info and            please contact me to arrange a Session. 

                         NEW SERVICE:
 Remote Group Energy Healings: Next one coming soon!
What one participant of latest group healing session says: "...this group healing session was so healing and beautiful..."

               and Oracle Card Reading in Services

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"... Fran is so connected to the spirit realm...Her intuition is always spot on and her healings make you feel wonderful and take you to the next level..."  ~ Candy Green ~ More

 "... Fran is a truly gifted natural medium, healer, and spiritual counselor... I have found her to be extremely accurate, tuned in and of the utmost integrity...It was the most powerful healing/energy session I've ever done"  ~ AnneMarie Martins  ~ More

  "... Fran provides a unique blend of insight, intuitiveness, and energy healing. The clarity that Fran has brought to the challenges I have faced is invigorating..." ~MR  ~ More

  "...Fran has changed my life. She is a gifted healer, teacher, counselor and intuitive guide..."  ~ MJ ~  More

  "... Fran is a compassionate and talented healer/channel..."  ~Yvette Lanausse ~ More

   "... Fran is a gifted, intuitive practitioner...able to focus on whatever issue I need to resolve..."  ~  Kaye L ~ More

   "..Fran has an extremely pure and direct connection to the energies of Spirit which she channels...Fran's channeled readings are truly magical and life altering..."  ~ Jennifer Heflin  ~ More  

   "...Her intuition guides her to the exact treatment that needs to occur for healing..."  ~ Suzanne C. ~ More

   "...She is a highly empathetic and you notice that she exudes a loving presence that makes being with her a healing experience in itself..." ~ J.P. ~ More   

   "Fran is a natural and gifted healer..." ~ Valorie, CA ~  More

   "...I really can't speak highly enough of her ability and perception as channeler..."     ~ Marcus Graham ~ More

 " Fran is a gifted, compassionate, heart-centered healer with an authentic desire to help others. She is guided by a divine spiritual integrity that empowers and informs her healing process..." ~ J.P ~ More

  "Fran's healing therapies that I experienced were gentle, yet powerful. I learned so much about myself and was literally set free...."  ~ BK More

   "Simply put, Fran is remarkable...there was such a transformation... "  ~ Paula Wells 

"...Fran is the perfect combination of professionalism and caring, and I highly recommend her for a successful remote healing experience." Shelley W ~ More

   "...I would recommend her to anyone that wants a deeper insight into their life path, or in whatever area one may want an answer in..." ~ David L Schlabach ~ More

     "....Fran has a wonderful connection to the Divine, and the information she shared with me from her channeling was truly enlightening..."  David L Schlabach ~ More

  "Fran brings mediumship to a whole new level....Not only does she channel in a clear, explicit, beautiful way, she also HEALS. Fran is an amazing healer.."  ~ Ronnie Joy Krasner ~ More

  "I have found Fran's services to be a wonderful asset to my own development... I do not hesitate to recommend her to anyone..." ~ Jason B ~ More

   " Fran is an amazing healer who has helped me tremendously...I have recommended Fran to many friends and family and would recommend her work to everyone!"  ~ RM ~

  ".Anyone who begins treatment with Fran is drawn to her work for life." ~ Mimi Whittaker ~ More

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           more about Fran and A Healing Place     

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