September & October 2011 Messages

Message from Archangel Michael and Jeshua: October 26, 2011
Channeler: Fran Zepeda

For many now, this is a time of great awakening. There is no limit now to what you can do.  The world is your oyster, so to speak. Take the pearl out and polish it with all the love you have inside you...More


Message from Archangel Michael and Jeshua: October 23, 201
Channeler: Fran Zepeda

Greetings, beloveds, we are your loving ascended masters here to give you an update. We extend greetings to all lightworkers far and wide who are doing excellently with their evolution of spirit.....More


Message from Archangel Michael and Jeshua: 10.17.11
Channeler: Fran Zepeda

The world is waiting on baited breath for an announcement. Little do they know that it is seeping more and more into the consciousness of all. The achievements of all Lightworkers have made this possible...More


Message from Archangel Michael and Jeshua: October 12, 2011
Channeler:  Fran Zepeda

We are all gathered on the other side eagerly awaiting with anticipation while the dreams of all of you are unfolding in your world. Love has reached a pinnacle. .....More

Message from Archangel Michael and Jeshua - 10.4.11:
Channeled by: Fran Zepeda
Look To Your Hearts

A time of great awakening is now occurring.  More love than ever before is being extended to all mankind from all kingdoms and universes alike.  Love will be the kind of currency sought and used by all. Love, unconditional love, will be the deciding factor in all exchanges far and wide, beloveds. .... More


Message from Archangel Michael &  Jeshua 9.30.11:
Channeled by: Fran Zepeda

Greetings beloveds, from both of us. You are making splendid progress in fighting your ego and being “in love” with yourself; we don’t refer here to the bad connotation that this has in the 3D world. You have expanded your energy considerably. You take part now in a massive awakening that will benefit all mankind..... More


Message from Archangel Michael 9.19.2011
Channeled by: Fran Zepeda

Dear Lightworkers Everywhere:
 You are gathering from far and wide and making contact with your friends and family that you have known from your beginnings. Long ago you all made a vow to come back at this time. More and more of you are waking up and it is a beautiful and heartening thing to see. .... More


Message from Archangel Michael 9.15.11 ~Channeled by Fran Zepeda

Nowhere has there been a light as bright as on the planet right now. Love has increased considerably in the hearts of many. Kindness abounds and love grows. Many are meditating with the deep intention of love and the well-being of all beings regardless of the amount of light in those beings' hearts.. More


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